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The only way for Aquarius to make friends

Stage one: an easygoing and amiable person

When you are with the bottle at the beginning, you may feel that the bottle is very close, which is the kind of approachable type. And I love helping people. Maybe at the beginning, I felt a little serious when I met, but I didn't think I would be happy. It seems that everything can be said with the bottle. There is no topic that she (he, it) does not accept and can't talk about. And from time to time you have a quiet, very happy and relaxed feeling with the bottle. Then, with the deepening of people's communication, the topic between people will continue to deepen. This is because you will have a good impression on the bottle and have a certain degree of trust.

At this time, you play the role of talker, because at this time, people would like to speak their own things and let others listen, that is to vent their emotions. At this time, you will find that bottle is a good listener, and from time to time to give you some advice or suggestions, and to your confused place can be one word, help you to analyze very thoroughly, and then give you comfort and care. At this time, your liking for the bottle increases again, and your sense of trust increases again. And then it goes to the next stage

Stage two: a good friend to make

At this time, you may say more about the bottle, but at the same time you also want to know some whispers of the bottle. Because you have almost said everything in your heart, in order to maintain a close state, you will naturally look for similar topics. If you encounter new problems, you will be the main one. If you don't have the focus, it will be natural Turn to the bottle. But you find that every time you talk about it, the bottle is always cleverly passed by. It seems that the bottle doesn't have the resources to talk about it, or the bottle may not be interested in it.

Over time, the friends around the bottle will think that the bottle is a small child, and there are always some strange and lovely ideas in his mind, but that's all. The bottle is just a small child. You already think that the bottle is not whispering, or not interested in these things, look very light. But the bottle is very good to you. You will rarely be rejected by the bottle if you ask for help. Unless it is beyond the scope of the bottle's ability, the bottle will certainly work for you. And bottle also began to take the initiative to care about you, and sometimes put forward opinions or suggestions on your shortcomings, even care about you. But it doesn't disgust you. Instead, it makes you think that bottle is a good friend to make.

Be at ease with the bottle, because the bottle will not harm you, only help you. You feel in your heart that it's good to have such a friend. It's really worth it. And then it goes to the third stage.

Stage three: a strange friend with personality

At the third stage, we can talk about a watershed in the interaction with bottles. How can we say that? The last two stages are described from the perspective of the people around the bottle. They are just sub objective (I don't know if there is such a word, I haven't seen it before). In the third stage, we can conclude whether we can continue to associate with the bottle. Because in the first two stages, the bottle has been watching you, and it is very subtle. Bottle will analyze you from the way you say, the way you speak, the way you deal with things and so on, and then come to your own conclusion, and it's not far from ten.

In the first stage, although the bottle is very friendly to you, you are just a stranger in the bottle's eyes. In the second stage, you think that bottle is a good friend and you trust him very much. Bottle only regards you as a friend and has no trust. Don't be angry with the bottle here. The bottle is only slowly heated. In addition, it may not have happened that makes the bottle trust you. Of course, it is largely caused by the closure of the bottle itself. Why is it? Because the bottle is born with a lack of security. By the third stage, the bottle will be able to file you into categories, those that can continue to interact, those who don't, and a third rare type