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What's the best thing for you in this year? (picture and text)

As soon as the year of birth arrives, many people will start to buy some ornaments to improve the fortune of the year. So what's the best thing for you?

Bodhisattva (dragon snake) - Hetian Topaz

Benmingnian ornament 1. Benmingfo, the patron saint of shengxiaolong

The Bodhisattva is a symbol of virtue and great wish, and a symbol of truth. He guided the practice with wisdom, proved the wisdom with practice, understood and progressed with practice, and completed the volunteers of those who sought Buddhism, so he is also called "the Bodhisattva of universal virtue". Puxian Bodhisattva silently guards the people born in the year of the dragon and the year of the snake, so that you can realize your greatest wish, get rid of all kinds of villains, increase the authority of leaders, and make your life fulfilled and happy.

Samantabhadra is the Sanskrit name of Samantabhadra. The Bodhisattva of Samantabhadra assisted Sakyamuni in carrying forward the Buddhism and Taoism, and was always the prince of Dharma under the Buddhas' seats. He, together with Shakya Muni and Manjusri Bodhisattvas, was known as the "three saints of Huayan". He was also known as the "Prince of Dharma" in ten aspects. Therefore, Pu Xian's wishes are as follows: & lsquo; Pu Xian's wishes are to exert great power and to realize all Tathagata. &"In other words: & lsquo; there is the eldest son of the ten Tathagata, whose name is Puxian Zun. &Rsquo; the Bodhisattva can not only praise the endless merits and virtues of all Buddhas, but also cultivate and support them. He can do a lot of Buddhists, and have boundless feelings. His wisdom is high, and he is willing to go deep, only the Buddha can know.

Therefore, people born in the year of the dragon and the year of the snake can be protected by Bodhisattvas if they can devoutly wear or worship the life-long Buddha statues of Bodhisattvas who are deeply related to them. They can keep away evil and disaster, prolong their lives and have unexpected harvest.

Birthday of Puxian Bodhisattva: February 21 of the lunar calendar

Therefore, people born in the year of dragon and snake, if they can devoutly wear or worship the life Buddha statue of the Bodhisattva with deep relationship with them, can get the protection of Bodhisattva, keep away from evil and disaster, prolong their life and have unexpected harvest.

Natural Obsidian carving

Natural Obsidian

Ice Obsidian mascot Pendant of Chinese zodiac is made of high-quality Obsidian material with good glossiness, translucent to transparent color, fine carving and pure color. It is the best lucky protector of dragon friends, and will bring good luck and more opportunities to the wearing friends. Due to shenzichen's three harmonies, this pendant is the mascot of the dragon's zodiac friends.

Obsidian, also known as the 'Black Warrior', is extremely evil repellent. It can strongly resolve negative energy, avoid evil and stabilize houses. It can eliminate disease, turbidity and mildew, and bring people health and happiness. In ancient Chinese Buddhist relics, there are quite a lot of obsidian relics or Buddha statues that are used to hold houses or avoid evil spirits. Obsidian is also the best stone for Buddhist practice to give.

Red belt of the year of the dragon's birth

Benmingnian Ornament 3. It belongs to the red belt of the Dragon benmingnian

The red belt is a magic thing that can pass through gods, and can achieve the effect of expelling evil spirits, avoiding disasters, and eliminating evil spirits safely. This belt is hand-made and exquisite, with many emerald beads, elegant, fashionable and generous. The two ends of the belt have a loose knot, which can be adjusted according to the waist circumference. It is convenient, comfortable, beautiful and delicate. The year of birth is often regarded as an unlucky year. Every time we arrive at the year of the original life, there is a tradition of hanging red belts in the year of the original life to avoid evil and avoid disasters. The red belt is the object of eliminating disasters and eliminating evil. I hope that the friends of the year of the original life are lucky, healthy and safe.