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How can you hold your constellation man?


Aries is full of energy. Her personality is pure and active. Vitality is her best weapon. When she meets someone she likes, she always doesn't know how to hide and approach each other in the most direct way; If you want to attract each other's attention, even if you are not good at sports Aries, also want to find a way to show your innocent and sunny side, what you think, what to say, not delicate affectation is the best way to let the other party feel your sincere side, because Aries is straightforward, there is a kind of people can simply look at her happy; But Aries often rush to each other's side, and will be afraid of reckless action will make themselves look very unruly, so want to install temperament in the library, but a careless big turn may touch the book to the ground, is very likely to happen, do not because of this, but let the other party feel slovenly, not necessarily will fall a careless charge Oh!


Taurus has a stable personality and doesn't like to change. Even if you like someone, it's very slow for you to realize it. Now in the urgent environment, Taurus's gentleness can easily make the other party feel at ease, and also because of its perseverance in facing things, it allows the other party to trust their anxious heart. This is also a unique charm and your biggest advantage Potential. However, Taurus is often afraid of its seriousness and lack of adjustment, and the other party can't accept it. It wants to be cheerful or force itself into the other party's world, but it will make the other party feel abrupt and uncomfortable, because the stubborn Taurus will be at a loss and afraid of his change. Taurus's tenderness is in the daily life of a bit of considerate brewing: deliberately show off will make things self defeating.


Witty speech is the style of Gemini; when you like someone, the biggest sign is that you will want to get close to each other, but not in an aggressive way, but start with a good friend; and the best weapon of Gemini is your speech, which always knows how to tease others with words; When Gemini wants to seduce others, you can use the phone or MSN to talk more, because this can not only let each other know more about each other, but also do not have to be afraid of cold, because just talking about this topic, the witty Gemini's brain has jumped to the next new thing. Don't try to attract each other's attention by wearing cool clothes, because Gemini doesn't know how to be artificial. When you open your mouth, dancing and all kinds of expressions will give each other a very uncomfortable feeling.


Cancer will start to care about each other's life, and her mother will start to care about each other's life. To a boy hook, understand the daily gentle care, absolutely can capture each other's heart bit by bit, and this is cancer's nature. Like mother's cancer, when you like a person, even if you are how tough outside, you will not reluctantly ask the other party to accept yourself, but will gently stay by the other party's side, pay silently, such care, the other party's heart will be yours sooner or later. Cancer do not want to use do not care about each other to retreat to attract the attention of the other side, because cancer heart is eager to be loved by the other side, if the other side does not understand, it will let the cancer who is afraid of being hurt more retract into their own world; more dare not express.


Always dazzling lion, like a person, will find that the world is so big, but you only have each other's figure in your eyes, and will long for each other's eyes only have themselves; At this time, to attract the attention of the right person is to put on the crown of the king of beasts, show your unique self-confidence, and when the other party is close, show your leadership, let the other party feel the lion's unique side, and then let the other party know that among many people, you only watch him, this is the best weapon to let the other party be caught by you. The lion is not afraid of anything on the surface. In fact, he is more eager to be loved than anyone on the inside. But remember to treat him as your own before you can't know his heart. Because if the lion with strong possessiveness is not ready for him, you will be oppressed and dare not approach him!


Careful, reliable and careful thinking is the unique advantage of Virgo. The virgin, who is famous for her secret love, does not allow herself to do anything easily, just to show herself; For Virgo, love is an important thing. How can you show it rashly? Virgo has the ability to endure and wait. Even if the other party can't accept it at this stage, they will continue to wait and change their image; Because Virgo can see at a glance who is the ability of their expectations, ideals, so in order to ideal, a little bit of waiting is not to mind. The unique charm of Virgo lies in its maturity when it is serious, and sometimes it is a kind of beauty to think quietly. If you want to attract others, you should know how to show your wisdom at the right time. You can prove that 'serious women are the most beautiful'. Do not want to do things you are not familiar with, not sure to please each other, because things require perfect virgins, even if the other party feel you do OK, virgins can not bear to do well enough.


Libra's body is full of romantic factors, gentle and submissive personality, graceful movements of you, all some behaviors are eager to be balanced, for people to get along with also have a mellow attitude, people can easily notice in the crowd that a Libra is always with a smile, gentle treatment, this can make Libra simply get each other's favor; And the charm of Libra lies in the complex social environment, can all around the friends around when sent out, which makes people feel like a gentle and warm breeze. When Libra meets the object of his heart, he will habitually focus on the other side, and his life and interests will be around the other side, so don't take the initiative to pursue the other side, because Libra, who is used to being submissive, will habitually change himself for the other side's requirements, because losing the masses of Libra is like withered flowers, which will make it lose its original unique charm.


It seems that Scorpio and Scorpio have a unique view of cold things, but when they discuss with each other, they are easy to melt; Know how to express their views clearly, will make the charm index rise, can also make the image greatly bonus. Scorpio likes a person is not good, because in her concept, this is not an easy thing to do, but a must be careful thinking, can happen, so in the beginning, Scorpio will not show their own like, or will deliberately show opposite attitude, because this is a must consider things. Scorpio some ideas are very stubborn, but if you understand the expression of clarity, it will make people feel the beauty of self-confidence. It's not suitable to show your enthusiasm at the beginning, which will make Scorpio feel lower than the other side when they don't know their own state of mind, and the sudden enthusiasm under the cold appearance will scare the other side away because of too much contrast!


Pisces girl, who has rich feelings and great tolerance, has the greatest advantage that she is born female. When facing men, she is naive and simple, and can capture a lot of admiration. She also knows how to say the right words at the right time, such as comfort when she is sad and encouragement when she is proud. Knowing this, coupled with Pisces's natural vulnerability and understanding, can make her happy Many people are crazy about it. Delicate mind and soft body are the best weapons for Pisces girls. They can always pay attention to the small details that are easy to be ignored by ordinary people, and then send you the gentle care that only you can understand, so that the other party can feel as if she knows me best in the world. They will immediately offer their heart and hands! Generally speaking, as long as they are not too bad Pisces girls, boys will want to hold her in their hands Sorry. As for the hook moves, most of Pisces can do very well, it can be said that there is no way not suitable for them to use it!