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These five constellations only talk about sex, not love

No.5 Virgo

Virgo men are quite sultry, and dull Virgo men once ignited or taught bad, they are very easy to play too much, because basically, they are strong, taste is quite heavy, and rational they like to analyze, even in love, it is difficult to sensibly feel love, he loves each other? Completely through the event logic reasoning analysis Sometimes he misunderstands the physical attachment as whether he has fallen in love with someone.

No.4 Taurus

For Taurus men, lust is another form of 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder'. You can't say that they are hooligans and bastards. It's just that their mate selection conditions are different from those of other people. Taurus people are very sensual. Their lust for lust is just like their persistence in food, which will make them want to give up. What's the background difference at this time Personality differences don't matter, no feelings? It doesn't matter, feelings can be cultivated slowly, anyway, they have a lot of patience.

No.3 Aries

Aries men feel that they are very responsible and serious about their feelings, and both sides don't have the result because they don't have the fate. But in fact, they are not as serious about their feelings as they think. They are very 'casual', that is to say, if he happens to be single, you like him, or you are single, and you have a good figure and face (Aries men like hot girls very much), so big You can communicate at home. In addition, they are a group of people who are more self-centered, and even if they have a partner, they don't have much time to talk to each other, so it doesn't matter what kind of spiritual fit they have.

No.2 Gemini

Gemini men, especially those with good conditions, have a chaotic past when they are young. They are curious and want to try everything, so sometimes they can't figure out what they want. With this kind of mentality of trying everything, they may sink down. It takes a lot of people before they know what they want What is it? In the eyes of many people, the past seems to be dumping people as long as the body is finished.

No.1 Pisces

Pisces, who can think about things very much, is a sign of narcissism, which is common to both men and women. Basically, as long as the atmosphere is good and the other person's condition is not too bad, they are easily ready to move. However, what makes Pisces man's narcissism most gnash his teeth is that he will make this process as exciting as a vigorous love People intoxicated, and then afterwards he used a very skillful way to get rid of each other.