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These constellations are men's favorite sex fantasies

Fifth place: Taurus

In fact, many Taurus girls' facial features are very beautiful, of course, must be self love, never be fat, because in fact Taurus is easy to get fat, but they are usually in good shape, the proportion is also very good, Taurus is to win in this sense, Taurus is more important, they become beautiful, not for men, they are for their own cool beauty.

Fourth place: Libra

In fact, a lot of Libra's figure if she really want to deliberately maintain, because they are beautiful Venus in the guard, this constellation is all about the appearance of no one out of its right, bad bad is bad in the character is too cold, this is the problem of Libra, Libra, she thinks beauty is the first, she loves beauty originally, the second, she thinks beauty is a weapon, but she doesn't want to kill people, So sometimes when he doesn't take out weapons, the Libra that the man sees is Lengyan, and then he will have a little faint sense of distance.

Third place: Gemini

Gemini although she is not as beautiful as Libra, but they have charming personality, for example, she is very frank, or she is very fearless, or she is very ethereal, very temperament, Gemini is winning in her personality, is still very charming, she did not say to be a mother to change her head, feel that she is Obasan, she is still very fresh to many things, and then send out a kind of Those who are still curious about many things will certainly attract many opposite sex.

Second place: Pisces

Pisces friends, is relying on their natural efforts, they will keep their own state, always in the best state, the key is very diligent, and their diligence belongs to that kind of all the time, for example, always pay attention to the maintenance of some small details, and then sometimes you see that she is not on a diet, but in fact, don't be deceived by her, she is paying attention to karu In, that not to mention Pisces, but also know how to attract men, this is why she won Libra.

Number one: Aries

In fact, Aries is a complex of many elements. For example, after becoming a wife, they still have that kind of girl's dreamy temperament. What's more, Aries also has a little bit. Those who have won over us are usually very cool and gorgeous, but they won't refuse to be away from boys for thousands of miles. They are cold and gorgeous, but there is no distance. Aries will give people a light sense of distance, as long as boys She will smile when she is close to her. If a girl is close to her, she will choose and be kind to boys. Of course, boys have sexual fantasies about her, and she usually has a good figure.