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It's hard to let go of these virgins


Ask for a clean marriage

Libra is very attractive, his charm will make the opposite sex want to be with him, guard him, take care of him. He was always cynical. Although the beginning will be very serious, a pair of love can give everything, but once you get it, you lose value to him. He resents marrying a woman with a past.


Life is severe

Virgo perfectionism is well known to all, so they are quite concerned about whether a woman is a virgin or not. Maybe he will be moved by your kindness, will love you for a long time, will accept you because of some of you. But all his life, his heart will always have pimples, his virginity complex will become the handle of life.


say yes and mean no

Taurus is materialistic and possessive. But even if he owns you, don't give him a heart right away, because his virginity complex is very influential. Even if he can say that he doesn't care, he will still be envious of a section of such feelings when he is sad and lost.


Don't rub sand in your eyes

Capricorn is the most worrying, uneasy and defensive sign among the 12 constellations. Because if one of you doesn't leave him, he will try his best to repay you. For emotional matters, he is more suitable for the boat. If he is critical, he will not recognize him. If he tolerates it, he will be generous. You can tell him the truth, but never cheat him. If he knows that the truth is not like this, you should be careful.


Eat from the bowl and look at the pot

Gemini is very old and smart, curiosity and adaptability are very strong, but in the face of embarrassing problems, Gemini will still find it difficult to accept. Although they know that women in the past can take care of others better, they want to try to feel with pure women.