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How to capture 12 constellation men successfully


In front of Aries, you can't be too active or too passive. If you say 'I like you' directly to him, it will make him lose the pleasure of conquest, even if he is going to tell you. The harder you behave, the more likely you will arouse his hunting desire. An ambiguous general can not only convey the information that you are interested in him, but also mobilize his fighting power. You can wait for him to fall into your trap!


Cattle are suitable for face-to-face direct confession. Niuer is a person who hates to complicate things in terms of both lifestyle and personal thought. What's more, Niuer is a impatient person. Waiting or single love rarely happens to you. As long as it is something you want or like, you will fight with all your strength in the first time.


Gemini is famous for its quirky spirit and fickleness. Courtship is a strange move. You can engrave your beloved lip print on your shoulder forever. This romantic trick may be that no woman can escape it!


The suitable way for cancer is short message. It's the character of cancer that you don't know how to open your mouth in front of love. Even if the other party has clearly shown that they like it, cancer still doesn't know how to explain it. In some ways, cancer is a very shy person. So let's use the short message to tell the truth. It is suggested that when you meet someone you like in a coffee shop, you can secretly send a text message to each other, and two people can talk with each other face to face. This kind of confession is very popular and romantic.


It is the best atmosphere to express the heroism of the lions. It is impossible to follow the path of pure and innocent white flowers. The most important way to show the lion's shyness is to show his or her shyness on the stage!


The virgin GG is good at analysis, summary, delicate and full of logic. Therefore, to create a stable, sure and authentic romantic atmosphere, coupled with such a long and touching confession, any fairy is also moved.


Libra GG, with superb aesthetic taste, is always interested in perfect collocation. Therefore, even the most smooth Libra GG can't help but comment on it. Although it is a bit provocative, its gentle aftereffect makes the beauties suddenly crumble!


Scorpion has a natural acceptance of celibacy because of her talent for independent thinking. The best way is to find the sensory measures that match the scorpion's original pulse. Scorpio GG, who always agrees with life and death, pays attention to the absolute possession of love. Love is to give everything, and love means never to separate!


Pisces GG always has a heart of compassion and silence to bear sorrow. Therefore, the first point is to make Pisces relax as much as possible; the second is to relax; the third is to relax.