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The untouchable 12 signs of love

Each constellation has its own advantages when it comes to love, and also has its own small hard injury. Just like the rose representing love, it has enchanting beauty as well as prickles that make people hurt. If you don't pay attention to those small bruises in the pursuit of love, it may affect your love and become a stumbling block to your love. (refer to sun sign)

Aries love hard injury: straightforward

Aries is keen on a lot of things, but can hardly stick to it, so is love. Moreover, because of its simple, straightforward and slightly irritable personality, the relationship between Aries and the couple is always a little tense. External factors or Aries' own personality are easy to cause emotional harm to their partners. When there is a problem, it is no use playing a cold war with Aries or expressing dissatisfaction tactfully. Aries likes to put everything on the table. For the cold war, Aries will really get mad, and eventually there will be a quarrel. Over time, Aries's heart was also cold by the cold war.

Taurus love hard injury: pragmatic

For practical Taurus, flashy romance really doesn't need. It's not that Taurus doesn't understand romance. They just think that romance is often useless. So, asking a Taurus to bring romance every day will only drive them crazy. Moreover, Taurus is very real about their feelings. They don't want a short and intense emotion. For Taurus, the running in period of love may take five years. However, as time goes by, the other party may not be able to stand the day-to-day running in and eventually turn away from Taurus.

Gemini: fickle in love

The fickle Gemini is always said to be very "playful". In fact, they are only good at dealing with different opposite sex in order to find their own perfect love. In fact, there is nothing wrong with this idea. However, the fickle personality makes Gemini not firm enough in their feelings. They change their love partners too frequently, which makes others unable to find a sense of security and responsibility in Gemini. This is the "culprit" of the failure of Gemini love.

Cancer love hard injury: Responsibility

Cancer always put responsibility first. In cancer's eyes, the responsibility of love is greater than everything, because cancer can't accept their feelings and become indifferent to pay, but they don't know that many times responsibility will crush people. Therefore, it is easy for external factors to affect cancer's love, especially when the partner can not give cancer the sense of responsibility they want, the relationship will end.

Leo love: Authority

As the sun's Guardian constellation, Leo is always confident and will never allow its authority to be challenged. Even if it's a partner, it won't work! So, Leo's love is always full of conquering wars, and even if it's their own mistake, the lion won't apologize, because they won't. If the partner points out their mistakes strongly, then the lion's anger is enough to burn love to ashes.

Virgo love hard injury: perfect

Virgo for the pursuit of perfection, to the point of almost harsh. Whatever it is, they want to be the best. In order to achieve the perfect goal, Virgo would rather be resented by his partner than compromise. Therefore, in the pursuit of an extremely perfect love life, the partner who does not meet the requirements is easy to be constantly blamed by the virgin. In the end, the love also slowly disappeared in the virgin's reproach.

Libra love hard injury: friendship

Libra likes to have friends around, friendship for them is like air and water, is indispensable to life. Therefore, the Libra can't stand his partner's coldness to his friends. At the same time, Libra is also the sign that can weigh the pros and cons. If a partner always intends to isolate Tianyu from his friends in order to live in the world of two people, this is tantamount to forcing him to choose between love and friendship.

Scorpio: suspicious

Scorpio is naturally suspicious, lack of security, always worried about betrayal. In order to prove whether your partner is sincere in love, Scorpio will even deliberately test and test your partner. At the same time, Scorpio must have unconditional access to partner information to be at ease. Mobile phone, whereabouts, QQ, MSN, email & hellip; in Scorpio's view, holding your partner tightly in your hand is love. However, the tighter you hold it, the faster you slip away. Often love will pass away in this suspicious suspicion & hellip; & hellip;

Sagittarius love hard injury: freedom

Sagittarius has unlimited vitality, so they hate all constraints, free life, is their biggest dream. Moreover, in Sagittarius' opinion, love and dream can be completely integrated, but how many people have Sagittarius vitality? Maybe, for a time, their partner can't keep up with Sagittarius' freedom, but for Sagittarius, this is intolerable, and even they think that their partner doesn't support their dreams and can't give them the love they want. Separation, in this case, has become inevitable.


In the eyes of Capricorn, career is far more important than other things, reality is the foundation of everything. Therefore, when Capricorns choose a partner, the most important thing is to share weal and woe with him. In other words, they prefer partners who can help themselves. Therefore, sometimes Capricorn is easy to make the partner feel too realistic and secular, lack of romance and consideration. But in the eyes of Capricorn, they are striving for a better life. Why can't they be understood? And love, in this kind of incomprehension, comes to an end.

Aquarius love hard injury: independence

Aquarius, a special case, is a real individualist. They like to make all kinds of friends, but it's hard to make friends with others. So, sometimes in the eyes of your partner, Aquarius is a little cold, but in fact, Aquarius just wants to have their own independent space and time. If a couple has to break the independent life of Aquarius, then Aquarius will feel very uncomfortable. When you can't stand it, Aquarius will disappear.

Pisces love hard injury: Fantasy

Pisces is the most fantasy constellation, for love is also the most important constellation. In their view, love is an extraordinary ideal. Pure, permanent, spotless. Pisces even in order to pursue the imaginary love, can put into all they have. Therefore, the partner must be very careful to deal with the extremely sensitive nerves of Pisces, even if only a little perfunctory, refuse, will let Pisces deeply hurt. Once you decide to let go, Pisces will not give your partner or yourself any chance to recover.