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Are you the sign that is destined to break up

top5: Pisces vs Sagittarius

Life after marriage is the beginning of the test

Pisces and Sagittarius love combination, in the hot love period, these two signs are full of love and happiness. Because they are both optimistic and hedonistic, they will devote themselves wholeheartedly to what is interesting and what is delicious. Therefore, in the early stage of love, no one will look down on the love combination of these two signs. However, after marriage, or after having children, when love is no longer only for fun and dating, and when it needs to be responsible, it will be obvious that the differences between these two constellations for the future and the family planning of Anhui Neptune company editors will be obvious. Basically, Pisces still has no sense of responsibility after entering into marriage. They still hold the idea of 'I am still in love, I can still love, I want to love', so that in marriage and family life, they begin to be incompatible with each other. Sagittarius, after marriage, begins to learn to be a good father or a good mother. Because everything comes so suddenly, their pace in marriage and love is not consistent. Therefore, it is only a matter of time before they will appear.

TOP4: Gemini vs Taurus

Dislike the other person because he knows his personality

Gemini and Taurus love combination, in love, especially know how to maintain a "I love you most", "we are in love with each other," and "there will be no problem between us". Because these two constellations are sensitive, face saving and very good at pretending, they will try their best to maintain a 'look that the other side expects or wants to see' in front of the other side. So when Gemini is in front of Taurus, the editor of Anhui nepton company will try to put on a false look of 'I'm very good', 'I'm very obedient' and 'I'm not the same as other Gemini's', while Taurus will show' I'm not bored with my personality ',' I'm willing to adjust to your preferences' and 'I'm happy to listen to your complaints'. In fact, in the later stage of marriage, these two signs are just negative to avoid conflict and hypocritical to show that everything is OK on the surface of harmony. In fact, in private, the love combination of the two constellations has the highest complaint and disgust towards each other. Because no one wants to be a bad person to destroy the weak happiness, so the state of "seeming to be compatible with each other" must appear.

Top3: Leo vs Aquarius

Each other is a master of acting, good at whitewashing peace

Leo and Aquarius love combination, when in love, both sides are very face loving people, especially both sides are very concerned about their friends and relatives' evaluation of their marriage and feelings, so this pair of love combination often caters to everyone's expectations for a happy marriage or harmonious love Edit and whitewash Taiping's love relationship. For example, in front of their relatives or elders, Leo and Aquarius, who have already had emotional cracks, can eat at the same table, attend family gatherings together, or talk and laugh as if there are no rumors. However, Leo and Aquarius know more about their real situation than anyone else. But they are so relaxed, as if everything is hearsay, and once eating, ambiguous, cheating, affairs have not happened. Since Leo and Aquarius are both great performers, it's not difficult for them to "look like they are different from each other.".

Top2: Aries vs Capricorn

The essence of marriage is an empty framework

Aries and Capricorn love combination, in love, they will be abnormal low-key. Because these two constellations are very pragmatic and clearly know the human nature in love. Aries is a sign that reacts quickly to feelings. When he needs love, he must satisfy immediately For example, editors immediately ask lovers to accompany him, or they hope to embrace each other immediately. Capricorn is a person who pays for love passively and slowly. They usually don't take the initiative to express their love and feelings towards each other. They are always used to silent life and low-key treatment of their love mood. If the love combination or marriage relationship of these two constellations is certain to be married, the nature of their original constellation personality will not be complementary or harmonious. On the contrary, they will still go their own way, showing essential differences and asymmetry. Therefore, once the marriage relationship between Aries and Capricorn is established, the most likely situation is that they try to find a more harmonious and closer love feeling outside of the marriage relationship, and only maintain an empty marriage framework.

Vs 1: Virgo

It is more difficult for them to appreciate each other than for Yu Gong to move mountains

Cancer and Virgo love combination, in love, basically belong to a couple, very cute and romantic couple. Because cancer in the emotion is to attach importance to sensibility, feelings, pay attention to the atmosphere of the people. Virgo in love is more focused on the concept of communication, Anhui Neptune company editor values and mutual understanding and interaction, so as long as only two constellations can be complementary and inclusive, try to appreciate each other's personality advantages, should have the opportunity to move towards a harmonious relationship. It's a pity that we should learn to find advantages in others and try to enlarge the advantages of others while ignoring their shortcomings. This is a more difficult task than Yugong moving mountains. For Virgo, they can't stand why the personality of cancer is always so dull, while cancer will complain why Virgo's personality and opinions are always so angular. Because of each other's patience, they will soon wear out in each other, so the end of "seemingly agreeable and different" will happen sooner or later.