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Which constellations are the most affectionate

Love girls often give people the feeling that they are too flowery and show mercy everywhere, but this is also that the other party will think that amorous, for their lovers or very loyal, amorous women will always make it easy to imagine, which constellation of girls are the most passionate?

Number one: Sagittarius

Sagittarius is an amorous person. They always keep a certain distance with the opposite sex, but they often contact with each other. If there is any difficulty, there may be many heterosexuals to help. This is Sagittarius's amorous, but it's really hard to find someone who can make Sagittarius move. So even if there is one person who can make Sagittarius move, Sagittarius will not be for lovers Refuse all heterosexual friends, but they naturally have a way to appease their lovers.

Second place: Pisces

Pisces girls always want to make people have the impulse to protect, so they are always sentimental and easy to get into the game of love. However, Pisces is always looking for a person who can make her want to rely on completely. There are many differences around Pisces, but Pisces' enthusiasm seems not so high.

Third place: Aries

Aries has a good feeling for the opposite sex, will not give up for love, so they feel that love, each other must have a certain degree of freedom, mutual understanding, so Aries is very sentimental, but if you really let Aries hurt, they will be very heartless.

Fourth place: Leo

Leo is passionate and unrestrained, so it is a kind of amorous, and even if you are with your lover, you will keep in touch with the opposite sex. If the opposite sex has difficulties, you will still help each other, but they will try not to let the lover know, so they will get along well. However, they are exclusive to their lovers, but they can't refuse everything for the sake of lovers Of the opposite sex.