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Constellation tangled with ex boyfriend

No.5: Cancer

Sensitive and delicate cancer women are most likely to indulge in memories. Everything in the past, whether good or bad, will linger in the heart. Although she has been hurt by her ex boyfriend, she may still return to her old love because she is thinking about each other's good memories in the past. She has enough magnanimity to forgive the other half she really loves. This year is a chaotic year for cancer women, because they don't want to break the status quo of their habits and refuse to face the reality and listen to their inner voice. The current relationship is not warm enough, but it is not necessarily delicious to look back. After a long period of hesitation, Cancer woman has come to the time to make a serious decision this year, to pour more enthusiasm into the existing feelings, or to seek the possibility of old love and new love.

NO.4: Pisces

She is the most romantic Pisces girl in the 12 constellations. When dealing with emotional problems, she always makes outsiders look at the flowers in the mist. She thinks that Pisces is easy to be soft hearted and can't make a firm decision. In fact, once Pisces woman's fantasy is broken, it's not difficult to say goodbye, but it takes some time to recognize the disillusionment. Pisces women are easily affected by the environment, especially when their relatives and friends are under pressure, sometimes they have to accept old love in order to take the overall situation into consideration. This is purely a move to protect themselves, not necessarily the power of love. Since the spring of this year, Pisces women's Association began to have doubts about the current relationship, reexamined her role, and recalled all kinds of old lovers. It is necessary to clarify with wisdom whether the false fantasy is old love or new love.

No.3: Libra

At this time, the more difficult it is for a woman to take the initiative to pursue the old balance, but the more difficult it is to be patient with the old woman's love To have a chance to get the Libran woman's heart again. This year, the Libran woman is likely to be stuck in a relationship that is not good or bad, because she is not willing to destroy the status quo or hurt the other party, so her emotional life has always been in place and has no determination to move forward. It's time to break the silence, only to give up the unsuitable object, the heart can have a position to accept the new love.

No.2: Taurus

Don't think that Taurus women attach importance to feelings, so they will accept old love. If a serious and down-to-earth Taurus breaks up, it must be irreparable. If an old love wants to force Taurus to turn back, she has to stand up to the anger of Taurus and prove that she is a good man who has changed her face. Only then can she hope to start afresh. This year, God has played a little joke on Taurus, asking her ex boyfriend to disturb her heart. In the first half of the year, she has always been entangled with her old love, and the relationship between them will end in the second half of the year. But as long as a more reliable new boyfriend appears, Taurus will work hard for a promising relationship. As for the heartbreaking ex boyfriend of the past, let him be the past.

No.1: Gemini

For women's doubles who love novelty experience, it's better to look for the next interesting goal than to look back. It's not that Gemini girls are nostalgic. It's just that women's doubles never think it's time to break up. How can we say that breaking up disappears into each other's life when we used to be closer to each other? If we can't even have a chat with each other for tea, it's too stingy. It's just that women's doubles often don't know how good they should be with each other. If they're not careful, they'll become tied up with their ex boyfriends. This summer, women's doubles will become a hot new star. The old lovers and new suitors who have already broken up are working hard to get their hearts. As for who is going to spend, he should be the confident man who can fully provide women's doubles freedom, but does not worry about their flying away.