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What are the constellations that regard each other as enemies after breakup

What are the constellations that regard each other as enemies after breaking up? When two people's love is gone, breaking up is the only way out. But breaking up doesn't mean forgetting, some people will hate you and hate you when they break up, and become the most familiar stranger with you, and even become enemies.

Isn't it sad that they have loved each other. Why do they become enemies? But some people just can't let go.

First place: Aries

Aries is a person who dares to love and hate. When they love, they will recklessly devote themselves to you. If they really break up, they will be sad, but they will never pester you, but they will hate you, hate you for not knowing how to cherish and lose the Aries. It's a pity that they will find a way of revenge to make you regret one day.

Second place: Leo

Although the lion is a bit domineering, they are a man who can bend and stretch. When you are in a bad situation, the lion will never leave you and will spend that hard time with you. So if you break up, Leo will hate you very much, and will pay you back. From then on, I will not have any contact with you.

Third place: Scorpio

It's an extreme constellation. When he loves you, he can be vigorous and have a sense of old age. When this kind of person treats love, he is rigorous and serious, just like the most sacred one in life. However, when he is abandoned, the male chauvinism is at work, and his face is too low. He loves you and can hate you, and it is thorough and even endangers his life. So he pays attention when he is in love.

Fourth place: Virgo

The biggest advantage is that he is very principled. The reason why he deserves to be entrusted for his whole life is that he is very romantic. He is absolutely for the sake of the other party's unrepentant efforts. He is very proud to go through fire and water for the other half. He cares about the feelings of the other party very much. You will have the feeling of being cared for. You will be very willing to please the other party and ignore your feelings. You will always put the other party's thoughts in your heart. Virgo It's not a saint, who doesn't want to blossom and bear fruit after sweat, but love doesn't end well, and fire is normal from the heart.

Fifth place: Taurus

Taurus people and you become enemies after breaking up, not so much love hate, but also because in love, whether energy or money are spent a lot, for the calculation of Taurus, early investment failure, feelings are no pain, but the more painful should be his spending in love, just as the miser's Taurus was abandoned by you, etc Yu mercilessly asked for his lifeblood. How can I not bite your teeth.