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The most sensitive and emotional constellation of the twelve

Among the twelve constellations, the most sensitive one is easily affected by emotions! Family, love and career are indispensable in our hearts. The same unhappiness will affect the whole life, so we have to deal with different things differently between them. The most sensitive one is most vulnerable to all kinds of emotions, and is too easy to be influenced by emotions, so life may be different The choice of.

First place: Aquarius

Although Aquarius has the spirit of God's love for the world, his emotions are not affected by abundant emotions. When it is emotional, Aquarius is never reluctant to show love. When it is rational, Aquarius has a set of principles and standards, which are clear and clear, and there is no mutual restraint or interference. Because I am familiar with the unpredictable operation rules of life, the water bottle can always face all kinds of unexpected and unexpected situations, which is very rational.

Second place: Capricorn

In the face of events, common people are accustomed to using emotion, reason and method. When they come to the cognition of Capricorn, they are immediately changed to emphasize the actual truth, method and emotion. The reason why emotion is put at the end is that emotion is always the most difficult part to affect Capricorn. No matter what they do, Capricorn has only a set goal in mind, and will never waver. As for the process He will not waste his mind and energy to pay attention to the possible illusions.

Third place: Gemini

Gemini exists in the form of wind. Obviously, the characteristics he shows are short stay, no love for war, and ease with the situation. The heavy emotional factors that need to accumulate for a long time are too heavy for Gemini. He would rather be scolded mercilessly than sink himself into the emotional wreck that he does not know how to deal with. Therefore, Gemini is always able to pull away quickly , and the impression of being impersonal.