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The top four stars sensitive to their love

The top four signs are sensitive to their love! What are the most sensitive signs to love? Everyone who is immersed in love has their own sensitive area of love. Once they touch their sensitive areas, they will have an unpredictable situation. Now let's see who is allergic to their love in the twelve constellations!

First place: Aquarius

Aquarius people's love monotony can produce an absolute sincerity. They will not refuse a love road they like, on the contrary, they will be totally immersed in it and can't help themselves. They don't seem to care about what people around them think about them, but a slight change of their favorite people is particularly prominent for the sensitive Aquarius people, so it's difficult to escape their eyes. Moreover, Aquarius love doesn't like and is unwilling to show the second chance of love in the same person, so once they are touched in their sensitive area, they will become camouflaged to protect themselves from harm. At that time, it's impossible for them to give you the second chance.

Second place: Scorpio

Scorpio people are sensitive and alert in every aspect, maybe it's a way to protect themselves. On the road of love, they seem to pay great attention to reality. Once they find what they like, they won't have anything to play with. However, it's often just Scorpio's one-sided idea. When they suffer from betrayal or worse, they may have an impulse not to believe in love. At this time, Scorpio's practice tends to be extreme. Whoever treats them well will give them Give double reward, but if anyone deceives them, they will give double reward. Moreover, once Scorpio's love is hurt, it will take a long time to ease their pain. As long as the allergen is still around them, they will not love another person at ease.

Third place: Gemini

Gemini son of man, you always follow the fate in love. Just give Gemini a reason to love, then they will not hesitate to accept love. But Gemini people seem to pay attention to each other's feelings in the choice of love. What they need is to love their other half, that is to say, they need more trust and care in love. However, if you want to take care of a person for a short time, but Gemini people are used to taking care of a person, and that person has just given up insisting, then Gemini people will become very uncomfortable, because what they lose is not only a person who loves themselves, but also a habit that they have developed for a long time to be cared for. Usually at this time, Gemini love will enter into allergy Period.

Fourth place: Pisces

Pisces people are very conservative in love. They are eager to love again after a failed love, but they are afraid that they will be hurt again. Therefore, there is always a fear of love in Pisces heart, so that they can't fully open themselves to enjoy love. Their love is always mixed with some too ethereal Things, like a touch will disappear. This kind of unrealistic but eager for love, Pisces, when love comes, they will have an inexplicable sense of panic. They are eager to perform better in love, but they are more afraid of losing love in the next second. In this contradictory state of wanting to retreat or not knowing how to advance, Pisces' love becomes allergic and becomes morbid.