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Which pair of constellations are having a tough marriage this year

Which pair of constellations are difficult to get married in 2012? Which pair of constellations are difficult to get married? When 2012 comes, will your marriage be happy? Can you and your beloved one enter the marriage hall? Then there are several constellations that are difficult to get married successfully in 2012! Do you want to know what is the cause? How to solve it?

No. 1 in 2012: Gemini and Pisces

About when to get married, both of them 'half delay and half cheat'

If you are paired with Gemini and Pisces, it will be difficult for you to get married in 2012. The main reason is that the two constellations are not active in planning for marriage. Maybe under the pressure of family urging marriage, they will try to be harmonious and loving, but for the exact wedding time and wedding planning, both parties adopt the 'passive circuitous tactics'. Perhaps verbally, they will say a reassuring time, but the actual result is to appease the family with the way of "half dragging and half cheating", and even use the strategy of "half cheating and half dragging" to call on each other.

The most difficult constellation pairing in 2012: Aquarius and Scorpio

Cohabitation is easy to talk about and marriage is cold

If you and your partner's constellation are Aquarius and Scorpio, such a love combination in 2012 to become a white headed couple, I'm afraid it's very difficult. Most importantly, this year's Aquarius doesn't take marriage as their life plan, because they focus their lives on their career, career and work field efforts. As for the relationship, they still hope that their lovers can understand more. After all, it's embarrassing to explain to each other whether they want to get married this year. In addition, although Scorpio is eager for love this year, the demand for love has skipped the level of 'marriage'. For Scorpio, if the other party wants to cohabit, it's OK for me to accompany at any time and have children, but it's just a cold feeling for 'marriage'.

The most difficult constellation pairing in 2012: Libra and Virgo

Be careful not to find out that my favorite is not me until the eve of marriage

If you and your partner's constellation are Libra and Virgo, there will be many twists and tribulations in 2012 if you want to cultivate your relationship. In recent years, it's not easy for Libra to break away from the tragic fate. Seeing the result of the close and close relationship between friends, they have no romantic fantasy about marriage. They feel that marriage security is a very weak thing in the current society. Virgo's focus of life this year is only on the level of 'love'. They feel that the responsibility of marriage, the burden of getting along with their mother-in-law and wife, and the burden of family planning will only kill the romantic feeling of love. So Virgo would rather love this year than marry.

No. 4 in 2012: cancer and Pisces

Marriage and divorce are both predestined in the year of the Dragon

If you and your partner's constellations are cancer and Pisces, such a combination in 2012, if you step into the auditorium, their development is likely to be 'easy to close and easy to separate'. The reason is that these two constellations are likely to get married this year, but it's easy to get into marriage, but it's difficult to get along with each other in marriage. For cancer, in the face of marriage, they think from the perspective of 'responsibility pressure', and they will also restrain the other half of themselves. After entering the marriage, they should learn and grow synchronously, and play the role of being a daughter-in-law, a mother and a wife. But Pisces is thinking from the perspective of 'gentle Romance'. They think that after the other half gets married, they still want to maintain the temperature and enthusiasm of love as before. Because these two constellations are different from each other in value and expectation of marriage, it will lead to the result of "easy combination and easy separation". If it's really unfortunate, marriage and divorce happen in the year of the dragon, it's probably a fate regret.

The most difficult constellation pairing in 2012: Capricorn and Aries

It's not impossible to repent before marriage

If you are paired with Capricorn and Aries, Capricorn and Aries will not exclude marriage in 2012. In fact, the personalities of these two constellations are very arbitrary and strong. When planning marriage, the most important thing is to communicate harmoniously and conceptually, so that marriage becomes the greatest common denominator for each other. The scariest thing is that these two constellations are full of energy, using marriage as a bet, or using whether they are married to judge whether they love each other 100%. If marriage is a play, then the final result is double defeat. Because Aries is angry and Capricorn is stubborn, it's simply 'no medicine to cure'. They really force both parties to get married in a hurry when they don't have a good marriage career plan. I'm afraid that the 'repentance' will happen before marriage, which is not impossible.