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The 12 most evil female constellations

No.1 Scorpio

Scorpio is full of evil spirit. The lady in this seat is quite feminine, and usually has a pair of beautiful and unique eyes, which is the source of her charm and evil spirit. Scorpio not only has mysterious characteristics, but also has a strong desire. Therefore, it's no wonder that she is aggressive, fanatical and uncompromising, and calls her 'evil king'.

Representative: Lin Xilei, Quan Zhixian

No.2 Pisces

Don't be surprised, gentle Pisces is also on the list. She is also a strange member of the evil family. Her character is too many, and the contrast is very big. Don't think she's innocent with big eyes. On the contrary, Scorpio's evil spirit is well hidden, so you can't figure out what she's thinking and how many kinds of 'magic faces' she will produce.

Representatives: Xu ruoxuan, Yi Nengjing

No.3 Gemini

Gemini is always' I change, I change, I change ', she is a magician of evil family, come and go without trace, smart, thinking like Capriccio. Different from Pisces and Scorpio, her evil spirit is not hidden and has no strong possessiveness. Her evil spirit can easily bring happiness to people.

Representatives: Monroe, Cecilia Cheung

No.4 Aquarius

The behavior of the bottle is often quite strange, and evil comes from it. She has strange wisdom, new ideas and different logic. Her evil spirit is full of wisdom, so her evil spirit index is also very high.

Representative: Wang Zuxian

No.5 Leo

Leo people may be too domineering, so there is a little evil. She can't say that Yin is evil, but if she is too overbearing, there is the possibility of evil.

Representatives: Madonna, Faye Wong

No.6 Capricorn

Capricorn people tend to be a little cold, self-centered, is the family's' priestess', she is not easy to be influenced by others, not easy to get close, evil is also very characteristic.

Representative: Coco Lee

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