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Which men in the 12 constellations are slow to fall in love

Some men just contact you will feel cold, no feelings, if you give up, then you will miss a lasting constant temperature love. Yes, they are the kind of people who are slow in love, but they bring you the safest and most reliable love. Which men in the 12 constellations belong to this type of slow heat? Constellation love experts interpret it for you.

Top 1: Capricorn

Capricorn is born with a worried face. They are more concerned about their career than their children. They don't like their relationship very much. Even if they meet the right person, they don't easily show their good feelings. In their hearts, love is equal to marriage. He doesn't want to be the kind of bastard who just wipes his mouth and pats his ass after eating. The responsibility is as heavy as Mount Tai in their hearts. Of course, after several exchanges, he will open his arms of love and enjoy the warmth of love when he feels that the other party's outlook on life and values are very consistent with his own, and it is clear that the other party also has a good feeling for himself.

Top 2: Virgo

Virgo GG is not a frivolous person, love in their hearts need long-term brewing. They are used to looking at problems with a critical eye. There are always two villains fighting in their heart. Obviously, there is a person they like very much in front of them, but the other villain in their heart will constantly find out all kinds of problems and deny the perfect image in front of them. Until he fully understood the person in front of him and thought that the person in front of him basically met the criteria of choosing a mate in his heart, he would give all his love.

Top 3: Cancer

Cancer men, eager for a warm and lasting love, but witnessed too many fleeting love around them, they are somewhat disappointed to curl up in their own crab shell, quietly waiting for Snow White who is also willing to wait in life. Warmth is the curse of breaking their crab shell. If one day a person with the same delicate and sincere feelings who can give him emotional support for his whole life appears, then he will also make hiding his crab shell become a weapon to protect his nest and lover, and feel the love as far away as the valley.

Top 4: Scorpio

Scorpio always gives people a cool sense of mystery, but I don't know the cold appearance actually hides a hot heart. Their hearts are extremely complex, not unwilling to open their hearts, just afraid that love will become a means of trade, they can not bear such a blow. So even if they like someone at first, they will show no trace. But if someone loves him as always, and is willing to go into his heart with all his life's time and energy, and soften the vicissitudes of his heart with tenderness, then he will hold hands with her very seriously for life.