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Favorite sex pheromone

The constellation girl who likes seduction most

Number one: Cancer woman

There are two kinds of girls in cancer, one is conservative, and the other is spicy. The cancer girl of spicy is not shy of showing her good figure. She is very clear about the lethality that men can't see, so she can show as much as she can.

Second place: Pisces

For example, if the legs are very long, the legs will be exposed; if the back is beautiful, the back will be exposed; if the chest is large, the cleavage will be exposed; And so on, if she doesn't have any special skills, she will try her best to keep fit and keep herself in the state of youth. Even though she is half old, she is still salivating in men's eyes. She often uses small means to create some reverie in men's hearts.

Third place: Capricorn girl

Sun and Mars in Capricorn girl personality sultry, if she is hot, she is not reluctant to show in front of the boys, her show method can catch the man's key, she will use pure with an open meaning, and then maintain a reserved appearance, hot body, serious attitude and if there is no appearance, let the boy more.

The constellation man who likes sex attraction most

First place: Scorpio man

If the girl pretends to be drunk and asks the scorpion man to send him home, the scorpion man will take the opportunity to hit the snake with the stick. However, as soon as the scorpion man realizes that the other party is designing him, he will immediately withdraw his hand.

Second place: virgin male

The sun Mars in Virgo boy usually a gentleman, in fact, his heart already itch, but sober he will absolutely resist, if give him a step down, that is to drink him, when he is drunk, Virgo man will boldly show his excitement and open heart, the girl's seduction will be successful.

Third place: Taurus

The boy with the sun and Mars in Taurus is absolutely happy when he sees a beautiful woman or a hot girl. When the girl seduces him, as long as he knows whether it's safe or whether it's silver or not, Taurus man will not push the fat out of his hand.