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These constellation girls are most popular with boys

No. 1: friends born on 9 / 24-10 / 23: your beauty and mature behavior can attract the opposite sex

No. 2: friends born on 2 / 20-3 / 20: you will feel helpless and others will involuntarily want to protect you

Third: friends born on November 23-12 / 21: they think they are easy to get along with you, so you are very popular with boys

Fourth place: 1 / 21-2 / 19 born friends, you are very good at dressing, quick reaction, so they love you

No.5: friends born on may 22-6 / 21: witty talk and bright image are the reasons why you are popular

Sixth place: 8 / 24-9 / 23 born friend: your pure temperament can move the heart of a boy

No. 7: friend born on April 21-5 / 21: your steady and gentle personality is very popular, but you lack a bit of femininity

No. 8: friends born on June 22-7 / 22

No. 9: friend born on March 21-4 / 20: you lack femininity and vitality, which makes boys avoid you

No. 10: friends born on July 23-8 / 23: proud of you, boys are deterred, afraid that you will ride on your head in the future

No. 11: friends born on October 24-11 / 22: the mysterious atmosphere you exude makes boys feel that you are hard to get close to

12th: friends born on 12 / 22-1 / 20: you are cold and love to go your own way, and make them feel that you will despise them if they are nice to you