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What are the most favored constellations this year

Which constellations are most favored by God of love? Single men and women start a new relationship? Are peach blossom blossoms or all the way idle?


1. The emotional attitude of Aries tends to be low-key, some Aries deliberately ambiguous behavior; some Aries in order to fall in love with people who should not love, or to pay attention to the message of separation; some Aries continue not to talk about feelings for many years. Lovers should strengthen communication with each other, it is easy for some sudden changes to affect the relationship. Before March, Aries, who already has emotional objects, has a stable relationship. If you spend more time and interaction with each other, and you can often attend each other's social circle or two people are in the same field of work and career, the more stable the relationship will be. If you don't have a partner, you can get to know them through travel, the Internet or through the introduction of friends.

2. The time of strong charm is 2 / 9 ~ 3 / 5, and the time of better emotional luck is 9 / 7 ~ 10 / 3. If you have an opportunity, you may as well start a new relationship. From the end of February to the first half of March and from the last ten days of March to April, the relationship with lovers is easy to be tense. Whether it is from work factors or because of their impatience and hegemony, it is easy to cause emotional discord, and be wary of problems caused by money or poor sexual life between partners. From June to September, it is easy to have problems with lovers because of disagreement or changes in personal career and career. 8 / 24 ~ 10 / 8 to prevent rotten peach blossom. If the relationship with the ambiguous object or lover is mature, there is a chance for further development in October, and the emotional movement in autumn presents a relatively stable trend. However, if you have a bad relationship with your lover, you should pay special attention to the ambiguous feelings or the love under your face from 11 / 23 to 12 / 16.


1. In terms of love, there will be some people who actively pursue themselves. The other party may be friends who have known before, or people who have liked themselves. Ambiguous objects may also appear in the circle of friends in interpersonal groups or on the Internet. If it is a long-distance love or love, split, I'm afraid it is difficult to cultivate a positive result. If the object that can make you fall in love successfully is not to support you silently around your life, to let you come along with you, to meet the needs of your life, and to support your ideals and encourage you to grow up on your own! Especially if you have the opportunity to cooperate in work or have already been partners in creating a business together, then you will have a greater chance to be together.

2. Saturn has been in Libra for more than a year, and did not leave until October. During this period, Saturn has brought different aspects of topics to Aries, cancer, Libra and Capricorn, and indirectly affected Taurus' love and intimacy. The Taurus, who have no object, are looking forward to love, but with an inexplicable indifference, they are also in the expectation and withdrawal of uncertainty. The opportunity to develop a relationship is from March to early April and from October to December. Taurus who have a partner need to communicate more ideas with their lovers. Don't forget to add more romance to their life. Don't let the interaction between them appear tense because they are busy pursuing their own ideals or busy working.


1. Since the depressed Saturn has been in your house of love and children for 1-2 years, it will not leave until October, especially during 2010-2011, when many Gemini Emotional status is like washing three warm, from the hottest sweetness to the coldest bitterness, from full of confidence to being defeated by reality, the age gap with the object, or inexplicably falling into an unexpected emotional state hellip; & hellip;. Most Gemini are very entangled in their hearts, facing the dilemma of looking forward to the future full of imagination, calm and stable. After experiencing the establishment of self-worth and the change of emotional relationship, they are expected to bid farewell to the bitterness and return the sweet feeling to their hearts.

2. In spring, the stars symbolize the rising tide of love, which expands the happy and sweet feeling for your love. Lucky Gemini can get meticulous care from their lovers. Love in March to the second half of April, June to July, September to the end of the year, are easy to create romantic period, looking for lovers Gemini can be more grasp!


1. Pluto's force has always played a decisive role in cancer's emotional world, and the concept of love requires a sense of absoluteness. In love, both want to have a profound and absolute dominance, but if love interferes with their own goals or does not meet their expectations, it seems that they can also be released at any time and then change their goals, so that whether it is running in period or breaking up, the process is not very pleasant. Cancer, who has lovers, is in a transitional period of love development in the past two years. It is easy to interrupt or change due to changes in external environment, which makes people feel like seeing flowers in the mist.

2. Cancer's love luck continues the path of 2011. It's easy to develop feelings with your classmates, community partners or friends, and the probability of long-distance love is also high. You can participate in some activities to meet new friends. If the concept of cancer is similar to that of the object or has a common goal, they can encourage each other to grow together, and their feelings can gradually become stable. If you are looking for a partner, you should grasp the good opportunities in the first half of 2012, the last ten days of August to the first half of September and October. However, we should pay special attention to the fact that there will be a long period of love pressure from October. If we can pass the test of responsibility, we will have a chance to achieve a positive result


1. In the past two years, the lions, who have been emptied because of their dependence, habit or financial difficulties, or simply do not deal with their emotional fields, will suddenly realize their lack and loss of emotion in the past two years Now I have been pursuing a kind of unrestrained happiness and the expectation that we can know and cherish each other and create the future together with our partners. Whether it is to stride into the arms of love, or secretly let our feelings be banished in the bound relationship, until November, Leo is in the "I want to pursue the feelings I want".

2. Single Leo will have the opportunity to find someone in school, community, study group, social circle, workplace, overseas, tourism or online community to find someone worthy of communication, especially those who have similar ideas or can complement each other in work and career. There are more opportunities for love with people in the same industry or long-distance love in the office. If you are looking for a partner, you can grasp it before April and from June to October. Leo, who already has a partner, should be on guard against mental infidelity or infidelity, which may lead to the breakdown of original emotions. Pay attention to the beginning of the year, may, September, October and the end of the year


1. Pluto, with its extreme and intense characteristics, is now located in Virgo's love house. With the influence of other stars, Virgo's emotional attitude pursues an extreme of self satisfaction - it can not care about love Even if the relationship is opposed by family members or all friends, or has to be separated due to the environment, Virgo will remain the same, just to pursue the feelings they want! Of course, some Virgos are in a long-term loveless state because of some self-reliance. However, Pluto can make the emotional world strong and profound, but it will also bring urgent pressure and restraint to the relationship, and even cause the end of the relationship.

2. It's the late stage of Virgo's emotional change, and the influence comes from the change of mindset in 2011 (or earlier). Encourage Virgos to try more romance, but you should see clearly what you are involved in. The other person may make you hold a sweet dream, but it may be that everything is just a mirage. If you have a new partner, don't insist on immediate results. Pay attention to the unfavorable feelings around May. If Virgo's relationship is stable, it will be more favorable for us to discuss the future.


1. The stars in 2011 have changed Libra's attitude towards love. Some of them quickly recognize the objects around them and their own needs, and then make a decision to break up; some quickly break away from the tragic phenomenon of several years and enter the auditorium with unimaginable objects; Others, however, spent the second half of the year thinking over choices, full of expectations and peach blossoms. In the first half of this year, the peach blossom luck is still strong. Even if we are still single in 2011, we have a great chance to lead a relationship. We should grasp the good luck of love from the end of October to April of 2011, and we can enjoy the sweet feeling of being taken care of by lovers. Of course, the process of interaction will experience the calculation period of "who pays more". If you miss the above opportunity, please take another opportunity from June to September and December.

2. From the end of 2011 to the beginning of August, some Libras with excessive peach blossom are likely to struggle in the relationship between polygonal love and secret love. Even if they have plans to get married, they may be in the middle of choosing between two people. From September to October, they should also use wisdom to deal with emotional problems. The object of love may not always be around. Most of them use the convenience of the Internet and mobile phone to manage their feelings and make friends.


1. From June to the end of 2011, Jupiter entered Scorpio's companion house. In addition to the influence of other stars, Scorpios are not only good at cooperation, migration, work, interpersonal and wealth In addition to the bonus points of the earth, it also lights up a happy light for the partnership! This force also lasts until June, and the dreamy Neptune will start to complete in the spring and summer of 2011 and February Entering Scorpio's love palace of the year, single scorpions will have a lot of opportunities to meet love, and have the opportunity to submit to romantic love. However, some Scorpios may also have a bad emotional foundation in the past, leading to the fall of love. Single scorpion can participate in social activities and some groups of learning courses, or pay more attention to colleagues and customers in the workplace, so as to get in touch with good people.

2. At the same time, after a period of confusion, conflict or reflection, some Scorpios will repair their feelings, regain their enthusiasm, and may think about the decision to step on the red carpet, while others may develop secret relationships, and they are inseparable between the old love and the new love.

3. However, due to the mixed fortunes of love, from March to early August, from the end of September to the beginning of October, it is easy to get confused or confused about love. If you fall in love with someone you shouldn't love or split up, it will increase the complexity and test of love.


1. From May to the end of 2011, Sagittarians have a good relationship with each other. Mature Sagittarians can further their relationship. Single people are often confessed. If the relationship is carried out smoothly, they will have a chance to achieve good results. However, if you have missed your partner or are eager to get married before, you can pay special attention to the possibility of falling in love, having a clear relationship or having a fruitful relationship before or after May.

2. Don't worry if you can't meet the shooters who are satisfied with them. Before August, your charm will still be strong and strong. You will have many chances to meet the opposite sex or meet the person you like. Even in the second half of the year, you may have sudden emotional luck. Therefore, Sagittarius, who has always been busy at home and has a lot of social activities, might as well open up his mind and get rid of the rigid mate selection criteria set by himself in the past