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The highest marriage EQ index of this year

Constellation marriage EQ index top ranking

Everyone's attitude towards marriage is different: some people yearn for marriage and want to step on the red carpet with their sweetheart as soon as they graduate; some people are afraid of marriage and think that the greatest happiness is to be a single nobleman for a lifetime. Marriage may be both a harbor for protecting love and a grave for burying love. The fate of each marriage is in the hands of the two parties themselves. So, who can control the marriage, who has the ability to manage the ordinary family life to be happy? Let's open the riddle of this problem for you.

No. 1: Libra

Must kill skill: understand sentiment, can live, let two person world full of surprise at any time.

Libra is naturally elegant. People in this sign like to enjoy life delicately and believe in the principle that "music alone is not as good as music for all". Every Libra likes to pull people around (especially their other half) into their hobby circle. If you are lucky enough to tie up with a Libra, you may find that you gradually develop the same hobbies as ta after marriage: Tasting red wine, listening to concerts, camping out, taking a hot spring in winter & hellip; & hellip; when you have a good match in these activities, Libra's gentlemanly demeanor and profound knowledge will often make you a pair of attractive couples.

The foundation of marriage is materialized. Marriage life can not be like that when you are in love. You can make two love each other only by deep love. But who can refuse the seasoning called 'Romance'? If you add a moderate amount of gentleness, a little affection and a little spoonful of love, the marriage will be more perfect. And Libra in cooking marriage talent, but no one can match Oh!

Second place: Cancer

Must kill skill: take the family as the whole life center of gravity, wholeheartedly manages the love small nest.

Cancer people love home, and some female crabs are willing to condescend to be a hermit crab because they are too satisfied with their small nest. Although this is not particularly worthy of encouragement, but people love their family and husband's heart, but can not afford to hurt. There are many enterprising people among them, but if they weigh their career and family, they will surely turn to the latter without hesitation. It goes without saying that female crabs are more so than male ones. If you marry a cancer as a wife, you don't have to worry about him coming home late for work, or because he is busy working, he doesn't have the spirit to go shopping with you on weekends.

Another advantage of cancer is that they love to do housework. For the crab, it is very happy to do something for their loved family. Every weekend, they are always busy in the bedroom, kitchen and living room. More importantly, they don't complain at all. You just need to express your gratitude and love to them in time, and then pour them a glass of water, wipe their sweat, or beat them up. The crab's heart will be as sweet as honey. What do you want in life with a partner who loves you so much?

Third place: Pisces

Must kill skill: sell cute coquettish dress pitifully, melt lover's heart with soft tenderness.

Pisces people are often mistaken for a weak little poor, in fact, this constellation's abdominal black index is quite high Oh! Do not think that your family's fish is born gentle virtuous or innocent lovely, they just know what to retreat into advance. If you want to persuade your partner to do something they don't want to compromise, the fish will never try to bully or seduce, or try to put the other person under their control. They prefer to coax each other dizzy, waiting for them to take the initiative to make concessions, thinking that they are willing to make such a choice.

There is no sign more clear than Pisces' principle of "soft overcomes strong.". In the marriage game, fish are born winners. No one knows how they do it, but people with Pisces partners usually tell you that their marriage is very happy. At this time, the fish beside him may be quietly comparing the V-shaped gesture with his fingers!

Fourth place: Taurus

Must kill skill: do your best to play the role of a model husband or wife in front of outsiders and win the support of public opinion.

Taurus is always steady. In terms of work, bulls believe in the principle that as long as they do their part, opportunities and good luck will come to them sooner or later. When it comes to marriage, bulls think about almost the same theory. The so-called simple people have simple happiness, cattle's honest duty is particularly valuable in this impetuous society, and their sincere attitude in dealing with emotional problems can also win them good popularity. As for marriage, let alone a husband or wife who keeps his / her own responsibilities, fulfills his / her obligations in marriage, and undertakes the household duties diligently, is the ideal partner in the eyes of most people.

Cattle will make their partners feel that they are enough to rely on for life. If it rains suddenly when you are about to leave work, then Taurus man's first thought must be to pick up his wife and go home; and if Taurus women listen to their colleagues say that men's clothes are on sale, they will certainly go to Taobao at the first time after work. No matter how far away the store is from home. Think about it, how can such a model husband / wife not be noticed by the people around? Even if there is a slight disagreement between husband and wife, a group of people will surely come out to sing praises for the cow. Under such a public opinion offensive, the anger of the other side will not burn for too long.

Fifth place: Aquarius

Must kill skill: always be able to accurately judge the surrounding situation, at any time to deal with sudden crisis.

Generally speaking, Aquarius is not an easy sign to bring security to your partner. Because their mind is always erratic, and always surrounded by the opposite sex, peach blossom blossoms. But many people don't know that the bottle's heart is very conservative. They play life and resist marriage because they attach great importance to the sanctity and contract of marriage. If a bottle is willing to throw himself into the besieged city of marriage, then TA must be ready to accept.

As the saying goes, "the land is easy to change, but the nature is hard to change.". After marriage, the bottle still can't change the unique style, the weird way of thinking often makes their partner cry headache. However, it is with these ancient spirits that the bottle can live a comfortable life in the sweet bondage of marriage. When they face problems, their unique insights can help their partner solve many problems in their life, career and family. The super observation of the bottle, the practicality in marriage is quite high!