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The most unacceptable constellation of office romance

Do you care about love or career? When feelings and work parallel lines intersect, will you enjoy the efforts in love, or will you be unable to work hard because of love?

No. 1: Capricorn, who has always been a career minded Capricorn, will separate feelings from business affairs, and does not hope that the two will be related. When talking about office romance, it means that the other party not only has emotional side, but also interferes in work. What bothers Capricorn most is working together. If you have to negotiate on official business, it is easy to be said that there is no separation between public and private affairs, which makes people work hard on weekdays What Capricorn cannot accept. Capricorn will try to avoid the office romance, if it really meets, will ask the other half not to speak out, in order to work smoothly, when the two have to make a big choice, Capricorn will choose career and abandon feelings.

The second place: Aquarius, an independent Aquarius, even in a sweet relationship, also hopes to have its own space. The workplace is a corner where Aquarius is not governed by lovers. Even with lovers, Aquarius's wide circle of friends will not be narrowed down, so if another partner is also in the same office, it is easy for Aquarius to have a relationship with the opposite sex In a word, Aquarius is loyal to feelings, just like to make friends, but there is no gender difference in friends. Therefore, Aquarius, who are clear about their personality, will try their best to avoid the occurrence of feelings in the same space, so as to ensure the development of feelings and the consideration of friends.

Gemini: Gemini, even if you have a lover, your easygoing personality will still be very good for you. In addition, you still like to fight with others and take advantage of talking. However, this will often turn lovers' aversion into insecurity. In fact, Gemini is loyal to feelings, but Gemini, who is in charge of mercury, is lively and flexible in his speech If the lover cares, Gemini will be willing to change his habits, but he will feel that he is limited and uncomfortable. Therefore, he likes the free Gemini and doesn't want to have an office romance, which will make office life more miserable.