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"Can't throw away" constellation rankings in love field

For people who are not in contact with the field of love, they may have more or less sweet fantasies about love in everyone's mind, but when you really meet love, it should not only bring you a taste of sweetness. No matter how many kinds of taste love has, it should be in their own experience will feel the same. In the colorful world of emotion, when we haven't met our partner, will we worry about the emergence of a more difficult kind of people in love? Then the following will reveal the difficult constellation in love field, and give you some suggestions!

No.1 Taurus Taurus people always give people the appearance of honest and honest feeling, in fact, their personality is very strong, but also very conservative. Taurus people don't like the change of life, stability and calm is their attitude towards life. They are stubborn in nature and belong to the slow type of people. As long as the Taurus believe that things, they will be unchanged, follow the rules and handle according to their own ideas. In the world of love, they attach great importance to appearance and material enjoyment. Usually, they are more silent and less talkative, and their attitude towards others' respect for themselves is very important to them. Moreover, Taurus people's possessiveness is more than one-half stronger than those of other signs. Therefore, if you fall in love with Taurus, you must enjoy their heat "Feeling like fire" and the psychological adaptability to wait for their response will be unbearable in the long run.

No.2 Capricorn Capricorn can be said to be the most patient, rigorous and careful of the twelve signs. At the same time, stubbornness is also a significant feature of them. No matter how they treat things or their views, they are usually stubborn and will never give up until they reach their goals. Once they are considered by Capricorn to be the right thing, they will adhere to it in the end and never give up halfway. Because of their personality characteristics, they will turn a blind eye to other people's good advice, so in the love field, if they can realize the inconvenience brought by their own strong people, so that they can get along with their lovers better, but often they will not realize this and bring pressure on each other. Capricorn is also the best face, so it is difficult to see the real idea of their inner world from the appearance. They need to control everything around them. They are stubborn and unwilling to admit any shortcomings of themselves. If they are lovers, they should be hard enough.

No.3 Pisces sentimental, good at emotional Pisces people will always give a very gentle, very weak feeling, born kind and dedication, they like to help others, and romantic, sentimental. They are not brave enough to play the role of heroes in the emotional world. They are not willing to face the cruel reality and encounter failure, because they always like to immerse themselves in the illusory world woven by themselves. As long as they encounter unpleasant things, they are not willing to use their ability and rationality to find, analyze and solve problems, but often choose to run away. In love, however, they tend to be indifferent. For the people they like, they will never let go easily, and they are willing to follow the people they like and stick to each other all the time. Even if good friends are good at giving advice, they can't help anything. They continue to treat things aggressively and indulge in their own emotional world. So the word "dogged" is the most appropriate one.

No.4 Leo usually gives people the image of confidence, sunshine and enthusiasm. In life, they always hope to focus others' eyes on themselves and become the object and focus of public worship or admiration. In the emotional world, they don't love each other, but they love themselves more than they love themselves. If you want to tie a knot with Leo, you must match up with Leo in material and economic conditions, and their abilities should be equal to each other. It is better not to exceed them too much, so as to satisfy their proud self-esteem as they wish. When two people get along with each other, they like to listen to flattery and praise, that is to say, they like each other to raise their own identity or status. At the same time, you should always protect their queen or King's face, so that they can get more satisfaction. Therefore, it should be very hard to be their other half.

Virgo people like perfect things, if everything is perfect, Virgo people should be most satisfied. But the reality always reminds us that there are not so many perfect things in the world. Picky and picky are their biggest characteristics. They are very serious about everything, and everything has to be carefully planned and arranged by themselves. They like to have a clear idea of the origin and development of things and clearly arrange every detail. In love, a lot of people will be very afraid of Virgo, because they are careful and modest, so Virgo people think things are more careful, usually like to chatter, but when after nagging each other has overcome a defect, their pursuit of perfection will make them shift their nagging goal to the next one On the point, inadvertently set up a lot of tension between the other side and yourself, maybe for a long time, so that lovers will find them more difficult to entangle.