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This year will end the single sign

When I was young, I was always angry and said, "I will wait for you all my life.". When you grow up and see the reality, no one can withstand the years & hellip; & hellip; wait and wait, there are a lot of people who can't wait! And when hongluan star moves, peach blossom can't be stopped. Who are the most likely constellation to get married next year

Number one: Taurus

Overseas marriage and foreign marriage depend on this year

If your sun or rising sign is Taurus, there will be a desire to settle down in a relationship, to end being single, and to promote a relationship into a conjugal relationship. For the pragmatic Taurus, in the era of economic downturn, if you can live together or support each other, it is a kind of prudent and happy and reasonable life planning. In addition, Taurus, who wants to marry overseas, has a high correlation with "overseas opportunities" this year's romance, wedding ceremony and even honeymoon. Therefore, Taurus, of the age of trial marriage, must seize the good opportunity of the year of the dragon. (2012 ends single constellation ranking)

Second place: Scorpio

This is the 'starting year' for marriage

If your sun or rising sign is Scorpio, in the face of marriage development, you have more optimistic and mature ideas. After leaving the bad development in 2011, Scorpio can consider all the challenges and pressures in life from a more open-minded perspective, especially in the face of their own emotional future and the test of marriage and birth, Scorpio is also a soldier to block Water comes and soil is flooded, and the mood is consistent. They know that the planning and development of life must continue to move forward, so is the love relationship. In order to get more life experience, today is the 'start year' for Scorpio to bid farewell to single, enter into marriage and manage feelings.

Third place: Libra

Please be prepared for unexpected pregnancy and flash marriage

If your sun or rising sign is Libra, the marriageable age Libra, be prepared for unexpected pregnancies and lightning weddings this year. Although Libra basically does not exclude marriage, it can even be said that they are looking forward to marriage. But this year's love development is a little bit more 'surprise and surprise'. Libra, for example, is just about to consider marriage when she suddenly becomes pregnant. Or two people originally agreed that they would live together for trial marriage, and then they would be happy. Or if the couple wants to enjoy their love time more, they don't expect that their elders will urge them to get married, and so on. Although the marriage plan made by Libra this year is somewhat unexpected and hasty, the final result is basically "the two families are happy and happy".

Fourth place: Pisces

End the romantic year of single and happy marriage

If your sun or rising sign is Pisces, they have a very strong desire and expectation to get rid of single life and move towards the sweet love world this year. For Pisces, this kind of imagination of a good marriage is a little close to the pathological state. If you are Pisces, who already has a regular lover or a marriage partner, their biggest expectation this year is that the other half will propose to themselves. As for the lovers who have just dated, or just graduated from school, or just reached the marriageable age, Pisces also begins to dream of marrying as a woman in the spring and Autumn period. Basically, Pisces doesn't want to live alone this year. They want to have a partner who can fight and love each other, so as to realize their dream of marriage.