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Who is the most beautiful Zodiac woman

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Number one: Taurus

The facial features are well proportioned and naturally popular. Taurus girls, born with delicate facial features, such as Tian Li, Qian Weishan, Zhang Yuchen, not only have a good face, but also a good figure. But usually when the Taurus girl into the marriage, will begin to settle down, generous and fat up.

No. 2: Libra

There is regular maintenance. Libras, who love beauty, usually pay attention to their own maintenance, but their most attractive attention is not the dress up, but their innate peace character. Libra girl's smile is a kind of beauty, their mouth is always up, kind and lovely style, naturally you can't miss your praise.

Third place: Leo

Self confidence is a kind of beauty. Zheng Xiuwen, Faye Wong, and Zhang Huimei are all representatives of typical Leo. Even if their facial features and round face are not particularly bright, Leo girls have a way to carry self-confidence. Cheap clothes on them will also become noble and unique. Leo girls always win with natural self-confidence, and people can't help but take a look at them.

Fourth place: Scorpio

Special temperament is enough. Mysterious Scorpio girls often have a kind of invisible attraction. Lin Qingxia is an example. Such enchanting charm does not depend on external appearance, but on their natural cool and cool characteristics. Unconsciously, Scorpio girls exude mysterious and charming charm.

Fifth place: Pisces

Free from worldly vision, the school of natural presentation. Pisces girls are born with a fresh temperament. They are easy-going and friendly. They often give people a lovely and innocent feeling. Even if they don't show off their colorful clothes, they will still attract people's attention.