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What is the most difficult to marry girl

1. Capricorn woman: too strong working ability makes men afraid of Capricorn woman. Otherwise, she is a small a-xin type, modest and humble. However, once she sits in a high position, she will start to wear suits, use famous brands, speak in a business way, and become more serious. As time goes by, the style of iceberg beauty will come out, At this time, even if her heart is very lonely, active discharge, but there are no two or three boys but dare not more than a step.

2. Scorpio woman: strong independence, Scorpio women always think that others do not do well enough, men are useless, so everything comes by themselves. Another kind of Scorpio woman likes to argue with men, and is afraid to make people think that she has no ability, and her strong personality makes the opposite sex feel inaccessible. Most boys want a gentle feeling, but Scorpio women always make people feel like hedgehogs.

3. Virgo girl: she has high vision and high standard. She is very good at making friends. Her friends of the same sex and the opposite sex get together. However, it is not the same for her boyfriends. A virgin girl will be very tricky. Therefore, her pursuers will pass the tests she makes difficult by going through five hurdles and cutting six. Moreover, the female girlfriend conceals sex mines. She says that she doesn't need any conditions, but the other party will step on her mine at any time, He was called out immediately.

4. Cancer woman: she doesn't like to socialize. Her life circle is too small. She doesn't like to go out at home. The colorful world outside can't compare with the attraction of home. Moreover, the older she is, the worse she is and the less she likes to go out. In addition, she has been betrayed, so she thinks that only her old friends can be trusted most. As a result, her life circle will become smaller and smaller, and therefore she can't get married more and more.

5. Libra girl: she lacks sense of security and distrusts men. Libra girl believes in friends and family, but she doesn't believe men. Especially the Libran girl with more experience in love, her passion for love becomes less and less with the increase of love times. Later, she will take a negative view on this part and prefer to spend all her time on her friends and family.