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Parents' favorite constellation, son-in-law and representative star

Although women are not suitable to stay, the majority of parents of leftover daughters hope that their baby daughter will find a good son-in-law carefully. All the women hope to find the one that is most suitable for them and worth staying with each other. However, bad men are too good at disguise themselves, and many miserable heroines sigh after marriage Is there no way to reduce risk? Let the constellation help you to analyze! Let's take a look at the parents who are afraid of marrying the wrong man, the leftover women who want to have a good home, and the remaining men who want to find a good example to learn from!

Lu Yi: Capricorn because of a "never close eyes" and overnight popularity, in the beginning of his fame, he announced to the public that he has a stable relationship girlfriend, is his university classmate, named Bao Lei. Since then, Lu Yi's love life has not become ups and downs because of breaking into the colorful entertainment industry, and he knows how to be grateful for his wife's retirement. As a Capricorn, Lu Yi has well explained the "high quality" of this sign. For example, he has a goal for love and marriage, for example, he attaches importance to the commitment to the other half. Many parents choose a son-in-law according to the standard of maturity and steadiness