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Constellation and female stars without any relation with the big family

If there are big families to enter, eight of 10 women are willing to be a little grandma. Throughout the entertainment circle, the female stars seem to be tied to the big ones. The gossip we often see about eating with a CEO or a rich businessman or something, but we also see that there are women who have entered the big family but still end up with failure. You can't help guessing Think where their defeat is? Let's follow the footsteps of these big girls, and explore what kind of constellation women have no relationship with the big ones! Liu Jialing: Sagittarius in 1986, Liu Jialing met xujinheng under Wu Junru's introduction. They started to resist the prejudice of the Xu family. Xujinheng moved out of Xu's house and lived with liujialing in a house on the old hilltop Road, and held an engagement ceremony. At a press conference in March 1987, Liu Jialing said that the two were about to get married, while xujinheng issued a statement that "no time was fixed". Obviously, they had different opinions. Then, Liu Jialing suddenly came out to announce that the marriage period had been cancelled. The relationship between the two people was delayed until April 1988. In a business event, Xu Jinheng formally announced to the media that she and Liu Jialing had cancelled the marriage contract, and all had been over. Archer women are the first good candidates to marry into the big family. Yes, but they are also one of the people who are easily rejected by the big family. They lose their anger when they lose. They don't know how to watch their changes before all the dust is settled. The optimistic attitude of seeing things will wipe out the chance of marrying into the big family. Guanzhilin: Libra in 1982, only 20 years old guanzhilin and his 16-year-old Kingdom Jing love. The man is the boss of a financial and trade company. Before he married guanzhilin, he once married and was famous for the popularity. Two months later, Jingjing and Guan Zhilin registered for marriage in Las Vegas. Although their marriage was strongly opposed by Guan Zhilin's father, even if they threatened suicide, they could not block Guan Zhilin's determination to marry into the big family. After marriage, guanzhilin left the performing arts circle and became a full-time wife. But in a few days, Wang Guojing revealed his nature and spent the whole day in the world. He even said: grabbing one on the street is better than Guan Zhilin, so they divorced for half a year. It can not be denied that Libra women are very willful in the issue of love. They can give up bread or more for love, or they can not care whether their love really suits themselves. But it is precisely this passion that has washed away their supposed reason. Even if they marry into a big family, they will be forced to "exile" for various practical reasons. Yeung: Leo won the title of "Miss Malaysia" in 1983. In that competition, she met pan Disheng, the Hong Kong rich, and they loved each other at first sight. Pandison immediately took Yeo into the performing arts circle in Hong Kong, and with her own Debao film company, she was packaged as "chief beating woman". The series of "Royal elder sister" made yangziqiong famous for a while. In 1988, yangziqiong married pandison when she was in red. After marriage, she took a full picture and started to be a real little grandmother. However, the story of Prince and princess' happiness did not develop. The reason of personality led to their divorce in three years. If lions leave the luxury and explain them for their personality reasons, we can only say that they can not tolerate grievance and self-identity. Generally, it is good to say that it is good to transform themselves for their lovers. As long as they don't force their lovers to cater to themselves, it is easy for lions to have personality conflicts with their lovers, and even break up accordingly. Lixiang: Aquarius thinks that Lixiang married diamond Wang Laowu lihoulin with a huge diamond ring. The luxury wedding ceremony that entered the famous door was also hot and noisy. But in silence, Li Xiang suddenly announced a low-key divorce, no marriage registration, suspected of marriage hype and fake rich fake diamond ring. From the marriage on January 2, 2005 to November 22, 2006, the divorce was announced. This is a joke Marriage is always accompanied by speculation, saliva, rumors Some people say that the problem lies in her voice too much, marry into the big family, marry rich business speculation too lively, will attract all kinds of public opinion to attack. Aquarius seems to be born to bring people public opinion topics. They will not cover up their own other and outstanding things no matter what they do. It is particularly special to marry into a big family and put them on the water bottle girl. Maybe they just want to marry well. Unfortunately, if you are looking at it, you will not have too good results. Weng Hong: before 2003, Virgo sister champion Weng Hong and CEO of Atlantic gambling city, Wu Weijie, met for eight months and got married in high profile. According to Weng Hong, Wu Weijie did take care of her after marriage, but slowly, he revealed his narrow-minded, often suspected her relationship with the opposite sex, and often sarcastic about her previous love. Not only that, wuweijie also gave much attention to money. After three years, because he had an affair, he drove him away from the American residence, and they had to divorce It was concluded that Wu Weijie was said to have not paid Weng Hong a cent for his divorce. Virgo seems to be stupid in love. On the one hand, they are prone to provoke their love to be pricked by their own high-level self-demands. What's worse, they always think that their love is worth paying and creating perfect love in expectation and love. The probability of perfect love in the big family is too low. Complex and deep like sea giants are not suitable for their survival.