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The most competent stepfather and stepmother

Everyone knows that it's hard to be a parent, but it's even harder to be a stepparent! As a star whose life is basically transparent, it is even more difficult to be a good stepfather and stepmother. In addition to making the usually difficult stepson and stepdaughter really accept themselves, they should always be careful of the malicious speculation and slander of paparazzi public opinion However, even under such difficult conditions, there are still competent "Superman" star parents. Let's give us a thumbs up! Lin Qingxia: Scorpio: ten years ago, when Lin Qingxia married Michael, a fashion giant, her stepdaughter was only 6 years old. For the first time, Lin Qingxia tasted the cold shoulder of being a stepmother. On the second day after her honeymoon, she had breakfast with her husband and saw him off at the gate. Unexpectedly, she looked back and saw her stepdaughter sitting in front of the piano, accusing her of kissing her Dad, and didn't give her any chance to explain. After that, Lin Qingxia took how to get along with her eldest daughter as the first problem to be solved. When she was free, she played games with her, strengthened communication and treated each other with heart. As a result, they became good friends who talked about everything. It is very easy for Scorpio women to be good stepmothers. They are the best confidants who take the line of psychological communication, and they are also the best protective and dedicated mothers. It is only a matter of time before their children rely on and love them. Gong Li: Capricorn news about Gong Li becoming a stepmother is rare. In fact, when Gong Li married Huang Hexiang, Huang Hexiang already had an 18-year-old daughter. Although Gong Li and his daughter don't get along very much, they have a good relationship. When they are together, they talk about each other. Gong Li had always liked to buy gifts for her relatives and friends, and never stopped giving gifts to her daughter. Every May, when I go to Cannes Film Festival, I have to go shopping in Paris. In addition to her husband's suit, the most popular thing is for her daughter. It seems that this fashion star's stepmother is very interesting. Substantial material giving is the biggest killer of Capricorn women. Those who always take the practical as the code of conduct prefer to express their love with real things. Moreover, most people will not refuse to accept gifts. Most of them will feel that the person who gives gifts regards himself as a person who attaches great importance to them, and their psychological distance is virtually narrowed, so their relationship will not be bad. Li Yapeng: Libra, from the moment she married Faye Wong, Li Yapeng has two more pressures. On the one hand, it is a difficult problem to be the husband behind the Queen's halo, and on the other hand, to play the role of stepfather. Sure enough, at the beginning, Li Yapeng treated Dou Jingtong in his complete set of negative news, saying that Wang Fei's apple in the eye was neglected, Li Yapeng was indifferent to him, and so on. Fortunately, this is just the wishful thinking of the media, and there is no evidence to speak of. Now Li Yapeng, who has his own daughter, knows how to take care of the family. Although he said it was not good to hear his rough behavior at the Thai airport, he was also a father who loved his family. The reason why Libran can be a good father or stepfather is very simple: first, he will be a fair father, and he will not be treated differently because he is a stepson and stepdaughter; secondly, he is a responsible father, and he will always try his best to protect his family. Zhang Ziyi: on July 8, 2008, Ivy Nevo, Zhang Ziyi's boyfriend and major shareholder of Warner company, announced in a high profile that he and Zhang Ziyi had been engaged and would marry Oriental beauty next year. In the final analysis, it was her daughter Lily who made the proposal to Zhang Ziyi! After ivy and Zhang Ziyi met and fell in love with each other, Lily was afraid of losing her father's love. She was once very resistant to the movie star from China. However, it is said that Zhang Ziyi started a series of special strategies to get along with Zhang Ziyi. First, she moved the future "stepdaughter" with a bowl of copying hands, and then shocked her with Gao Chao's rock climbing technology and really integrated into her life. Taking advantage of surprise is the best way to control people. Those who don't stick to traditional education will keep pace with the times. Their novel means can not only discipline the most difficult children, but also become cool models for children! Deng Jie: in order to create a good environment for Zhang Mo, Libra and Zhang Guoli went to Beijing alone. However, Zhang Mo, who was deeply affected by her parents' divorce and was rebellious and indifferent, did not accept the stepmother at first. From time to time, she lost her temper and quarreled with her parents and ran away from home. However, with Deng Jie's efforts, the relationship between mother and son gradually eased, although it still failed to get a sound“ For Zhang Mo, Deng Jie sacrificed her right to be a mother and adopted another daughter with Zhang Guoli. In Zhang Mo's eyes, Deng Jie is like a "mother" to him, especially after the "nursery rhyme incident" happened, Deng Jie's support and encouragement to Zhang Mo is more impressive. The key words of Libra mommy's character are safe and reliable, easy to get along with and not eccentric. No matter how rebellious and difficult you are, they will understand and tolerate you and make selfless sacrifice when necessary Why are you not touched?