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Jiao, Aquarius, is very silly and naive

Although there are comments on Zhong Xintong (a Jiao) on the Internet, there are still some critical voices about her. But after four years of precipitation and efforts, she has returned to people's vision with a positive image. She has created intelligent, patient, or gentle characters in various films and TV plays, highlighting the feminine beauty and strength, which gradually makes people accept and enjoy it again Love her.

If you don't admit defeat, you can't follow your life. Although the "Yanzhao" storm in 2008 has caused a very bad impact, making a Jiao's reputation seriously damaged, perhaps for cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces and other people with weak psychological endurance, they have no face to see people for a long time. No matter how long things go, they will live in the eyes of others. But fortunately, the sun of Ajiao falls on Aquarius. People with this personality generally live more self, rebellious and stubborn. The less you value her, the more she does not admit defeat, and the more she wants to show you. However, she is more rational than Aries, lion, Sagittarius and other fire sign people. She will not rush like a headless fly just to fight for a breath. Therefore, after a big storm, the survival rate of this type of people is often the highest, and they can laugh the last. In addition, the moon, which represents the inner subconscious and emotion, is located in Leo. The psychology of not admitting defeat and disagreeing with worldly vision will be stronger. Maybe when you accuse her of neglecting the public image, she will stubbornly think that this is her own privacy, and others have no right to criticize her. She has done a good job both in her feelings and in her career, but she is lucky enough to show that she does not think it is a stain, because it is not out of her original intention, and it is not as bad as people think. In fact, the key to getting out of the shadow of the past today lies in her self-protection of pride and dignity in her heart. As long as she does not deny herself, she will never bow down to herself or become self decadent.

It's all because of love's foolishness and loyalty. Ah Jiao's past is very bad, but it's not her style of life that makes her love the wrong person and the wrong way. Venus, who represents love pattern and attitude, falls in Capricorn. She is conservative and arrogant. Her emotions are not exposed. She can hide them and will not easily get involved in emotions. But once you love, you will attach great importance to love and marriage, showing a strong sense of responsibility, wholeheartedness, and no longer want to. It is precisely this loyalty to love that she will choose to accommodate each other's preferences in order to retain her love, and even go astray. Even if her relatives and friends say that she is wrong, the Capricorn stubbornness will make her choose to stand on the side of her partner without hesitation. Although the sentence "very silly and naive" makes people feel very ironic, it does explain the emotional entanglement between her and Chen Guanxi. If it was not for the love of the wrong Playboy and the paranoid irrational love, how could she have ended up in such an embarrassing situation today. Although she stood up in her career, what about her feelings? Who can help her wash away the shadow of her heart, who can accept her that past with a tolerant attitude? No matter how it will develop in the future, I sincerely hope that Gillian will not commit the same infatuation and stupidity again. While taking pride in her feelings, don't forget that seeking perfection is not the true meaning of love. Understanding each other, cherishing each other, cultivating common interests and hobbies, and finding the right way to get along with each other is the long-term solution of love. If you don't know how to really understand each other and how to get along with each other best, then go to the "fast dating lovers constellation combination", through the astrological combination, to understand this difficult fate, and find a sweet way out of your relationship.