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Love wife sign good husband and representative star

Let's not say that there is no perfect and intimate husband in the world. Just in the entertainment industry, there are a lot of "Star" good husbands worthy of learning and praising. Therefore, we have compiled them into textbooks. For those sisters who want to practice husband selection, you may as well start from this textbook for good husbands!

Eason Chan: Leo

Eason Chen is also devoted to his family life. He was the judge and performance guest of the finals in "i-show" earlier. He told about his wife's crazy playing outside and losing her wedding ring. "What can I do with her if she loses it? I'll have to buy her another one! " And Xu haoying also confirmed that her husband not only did not blame her, and has made up the wedding ring! Eason Chen's principle is, "a woman has a hard time giving birth to a child. Her husband can only treat her well! Even if she wastes and spends money again, your wife will be responsible for making money and spending money for her. " Leo Eason Chan is a powerful husband. Male chauvinism makes him think that his lover must be spoiled and protected. He will let himself have capital to rely on, and generously tolerate and give love all spiritual and material things to his lover.

Jet Li: Taurus

Jet Li's most famous act of "loving his wife" is his resignation from Ang Lee's "Crouching Tiger, hidden dragon". The reason is that he wants to go home to accompany his pregnant wife, Lizhi. In order to take care of his pregnant wife, he has pushed away the famous Hollywood role of "Li mubai", and the image of a good man has stood up ever since. Jet Li in front of the screen is very lively, but he washes and beats Lizhi as soon as he gets home. In order to reassure Lizhi, he even signs a love treaty with Lizhi to ensure that he will not change his mind for ten years. Afraid of Lizhi's jealousy, there is a letter from Zhang Yimou in the invitation card of hero, which is to ask Lizhi to let go. If you want a solid sense of security, then the Taurus husband will give you! Taurus is not easy to make a commitment, but as long as he has promised, it must be done in a real way, Jet Li is an outstanding representative. [constellation network]

Liang Jiahui: Aquarius

Liang Jiahui fully embodies an old Chinese saying that "a humble knowledge should not be forgotten, and a wife with chaff should not go to court". As a film emperor, his dazzling halo did not make him drift away from the flowers. For his beloved wife who accompanied him from the bottom of his life, he devoted himself to his wife. He did not reduce his love for his wife because his wife was out of shape and old. He also confirmed his promise to let his wife and daughter live a happy life with his own practical actions. Liang Jiahui seems to have violated "dogmatism" because of his adherence to the "old saying". In essence, Liang Jiahui has challenged the standard of the secular world. He is stubborn in his feelings and reappears the unique characteristics of the treasure bottle with a different kind of specificity! No matter how fat or old the lover is, it will not be the reason why Aquarius dislikes her lover. For them, these are the things that ordinary people will care about!

Ang Lee: Libra

After 23 years of marriage, both parties have never been red faced. This is Ang Lee and Lin Huijia. "I don't know why I'm afraid of her. Maybe her words are always right. If I'm really angry, I don't usually talk. We never quarrel It's understandable that Ang Lee was a "family cook" before he became famous, but his temper was not long after he became famous. It's hard to get into the kitchen when he goes home. Libra is the best husband! Good tempered Libran men don't think it's a good thing to quarrel. They are more willing to maintain "peace". When they don't agree with you, they will try to deal with it in a gentle way. More importantly, once they get married, they will have a sense of belonging to their partner. They will make the most of Libra's gentle and considerate side, and attach great importance to their partner's opinions. Once they are found to be wrong, they are willing to do so Italy horse to change, very easy to adjust, 100% good management!