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What's the sign of the female star who refuses the hidden rules

Hidden rules have always been a hot topic in the entertainment industry, but also the taboo of many female stars. Even if they are suspected, they are not willing to be mentioned by others. However, not every female star is afraid of the hidden rules, because they never accept the hidden rules. They always face the temptation of the hidden rules with no, which is actually admirable. Today, let's take a look at which actresses are so brave. It can also be regarded as a good example for some actresses.

Aquarius: compared with a lot of female stars who came out of huanzhu grid, Lin Xinru's body news is the least. Of course, it's not that she's not popular enough, not enough attention, but that she refuses to make use of vulgar scandals for her own hype. Even if some scandals are associated with her, they are added to her head for no reason. It can be said that Lin Xinru's is a very positive actress.

VIRGO: Liu Yifei can say that Liu Yifei's purity and beauty are second to none in the entertainment industry, because of his illustrious family background, he will be very popular when he comes out. Moreover, Liu Yifei's nature is quite resolute and pure. I remember that at the beginning, director Ang Lee wanted to cast Liu Yifei, who had good temperament and beauty. However, Liu Yifei firmly refused to take part in the film because of her excessive eroticism. In the end, Tang Wei was banned for three years after her performance. In this way, Liu Yifei's original decision was so wise.

Aquarius: Wang Luodan last year, the news about Wang Luodan being coerced to play a third-class film was rampant. And the final result of this matter ended with Wang Luodan's resolute refusal. Most of us praise her for her fine quality of rejecting the hidden rules and keeping herself clean. As she said, "I have a body of literary and artistic films, how can I make a third class film?"

Dong Jie is holy and noble. If these words are associated with Dong Jie, the public will not find it strange, because Dong Jie's personal style is really "jade girl". When asked whether she would challenge herself to act in a passionate play, Dong Jie made it clear that she was not suitable for such a role, which must be carefully considered before making a decision.

Pisces: Xu Huaiyu thinks that at the beginning, Xu Huaiyu's scenery is infinite. As soon as she gets out of the world, she is very proud of her "national Queen". However, Xu Huaiyu is now living a very poor life. The reason is that he refused to be accompanied by rich businessmen, which led to his career stagnated, and he was also involved in lawsuits. It was really unbearable. Just in my opinion, in order to protect their reputation, it is worth doing so.

VIRGO: Mengxi, some time ago, the price of the dinner was boiling, and the name of the sexy actress Mengxi has been mentioned by the media, indirectly reflecting her involvement in it. In the face of increasing media pressure, Meng Xi clarified in her blog that she did not accept any invitation to dinner, let alone the so-called dinner price. I have never been involved in such hidden rules trading.

Sagittarius: Yinger, the flower of the Central Academy of drama, has a standard face of campus beauty. Since her debut, everyone has compared her with Liu Yifei, which is a kind of affirmation to her. However, the words "hidden rules" always haunt her. Yang Mi even implied that Ying'er had accepted the hidden rules. Ying'er was quite helpless for such news, but was accused of doing it, which was really painful.

After "dream of China" became popular in 2006, Bai Bing's career has been smooth. "Myth", the new "dream of Red Mansions" and a series of popular TV series have her participation. However, Bai Bing said that she did not rely on the hidden rules, which is a ridiculous thing for her.

Gemini: Song Yuner, a Korean married actress, has been invited by hidden rules. It is reported that song yun'er, when talking about the hidden rules of South Korea's entertainment industry, said that she had received many late night banquets during her new career, but she resolutely refused. Because of her determination, she is more popular in the Korean entertainment industry.

Sagittarius: Zhang Ziyan at the beginning, in order to refuse the unspoken rules, Zhang Ziyan made a big stir in South Korea and even in the entertainment industry all over the world. In her last letter, she boldly exposed scandals such as sexual bribery in her circle, and it was precisely because she suffered such distress that she led to mental depression that she finally went to this road of no return. However, Zhang Ziyan's incident has taught the stars a good lesson.