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A star star in the film and television industry

1. Angelababy

Angelababy has brought up a young model style in the entertainment industry. She is not tall, but she is well proportioned. She has a good figure and a beautiful face. I have shot many magazines and advertisements full of youth and sexy. After becoming a little famous, the focus immediately turned to the development of the film and television industry. He took the film "love all over the city" as a young girl, which attracted countless young men and girls fans. Since then, there has been a continuous engagement. The previous gift blockbuster "great cause of the founding of the party" baby also participated in the performance, which shows that it is quite popular.

2. Taurus: Xu Zhengxi

Xu Zhengxi won the champion of man'suno global Chinese supermodel competition in 2005, and joined the world entertainment company to become an artist. Since her transformation, Xu Zhengxi has attracted much attention. She has performed in many film works, such as "the 19th floor of hell", "children's eyes", "seven things concerning people". In May this year, a thriller "B + detective" CO produced with the film emperor Guo Fucheng was released, which was rated as "the most type of murderer". In terms of TV works, Xu Zhengxi and Tang Yan have filmed many idol dramas such as "three thousand gold of Xia family", "impeccable experts like forest" and "love wakes up" and so on. They are also named "the most anticipated couple file" by fans.

3. CAPRICORN: he Junxiang

He Junxiang, also known as "Xiaomei", is one of Taiwan's most popular idol drama actors. Like Xu Zhengxi, she joined the men ` suno super model competition and won the annual potential fashion figure of Shanghai Fashion ceremony in 2008. He Junxiang has worked with many popular female stars such as Cheng Lin Yang, she member Hebe, Cai Zhuoyan, etc., such as "the devil is around", "do you want to fight a bull", "call big star", etc., which are the most popular idol dramas among young girls. In 2008, he joined forces with Andy Lau and Xu Xiyuan to make the movie "the police of the future".

4. VIRGO: Gao Yixiang

The slender figure of 195 cm makes Gao Yixiang popular in the modeling industry. With a strong and shapeless face and deep electric eyes, Gao Yixiang is crowned as a "flower beauty man". She has played the leading role in MV for many female singers and participated in the shooting of the movie "women are not bad". In addition, there are many idol drama works, such as "love devil hair master", "children from heaven", "do you want to fight bullfight" and so on [].

5. ARIES: Zhang Xinyu

Zhang Xinyu is a popular model in mainland China. She participated in the shooting of the popular new year film "if you are the one 2" behind the big screen. Recently, she attended the press conference of the new film "love god horse in summer" in Shanghai. She co stars with Taiwan mastiff dog and Hong Kong's Jiang Ruolin. The film was shot in Sanya, Hainan Province. Zhang Xinyu will show her pride in encircling fCup.

6. Scorpio: Ruan Jingtian

After entering the industry, Ruan Jingtian mainly focuses on walking shows and shooting advertisements. He has cooperated with empress Wong Fei, Zhang Huimei and Sun Yanzi in MV. Later, he became one of the hottest actors in Taiwan because of his cooperation with Chen Qiao En. After that, "the queen of the dogs" also won high ratings. In 2009, Ruan Jingtian relied on Taiwan's local film "Ma"