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A survey of star constellations

There are many rights and wrongs in the entertainment industry, and it is difficult for people in the entertainment industry to do so. Often the popularity of stars rises, at the same time, followed by a variety of scandals, one is that the stars play big names. In fact, what is the truth? There are different opinions. Some stars are really playing big names, but some stars are really wronged. Let's take a look at those constellations that are considered to be big names.

Zhang Shaohan Capricorn

A gold medal program of Anhui TV station invited Zhang Shaohan to perform. Zhang Shaohan originally sang "invisible wings", "Aurora" and "fable", but temporarily changed the last two songs into "no pain". Zhang Shaohan was greatly upset by the temporary change of songs. In addition, during the stage, the host constantly asked to sing Zhang Yusheng's "the sea". Zhang Shaohan, who was not well prepared, said it was OK Singing "days without smoke", the host did not respond to it. He had been talking about "the sea". Hu Yihu had to sing in person to break the embarrassing situation. After entering the backstage, Zhang Shaohan has been scolding in a black face, and his assistant also scolded and cried the column staff.

Fan Bingbing Virgo

Fan Bingbing's performance of playing big brand was incisively and vividly: first, when she signed for the underwear on the spot and was 50 minutes late, the reporter left the scene indignantly; second, during the publicity period of her first personal album, Fan Bingbing was accused of playing a big brand and didn't participate in the star face to face program of Jiangxi TV station according to the original plan; Third, in the publicity activity of "ink attack" in Hong Kong, the organizers asked the leading actors to perform calligraphy on the spot. Fan Bingbing pleaded that writing brush characters was like brushing a wall, saying nothing, and the media reported that Fan Bingbing was playing a big role. Fourth, Fan Bingbing picked up the camera and started to kick the reporter angrily at Hangzhou Xiaoshan airport because he was dissatisfied with the reporter's "secret shooting" one meter away.

Lin Xinru Aquarius

Lin Xinru was invited to the Daming Lake Park in Jinan to hold a press conference while building momentum for the new album "new as doctrine". Lin Xinru didn't show up for the meeting scheduled to start at 3 p.m. until 4:15 p.m., the organizer announced that the meeting on that day would be cancelled. At that time, the temperature was only about 0 ℃, and hundreds of people were waiting for more than an hour. Many small fans were shivering with cold. In this regard, the organizer's staff explained that Lin Xinru arrived at the scene, but said that the temperature was low, so he walked away.

Cancer, qinlan

The staff of a TV station disclosed that they had just bought a TV play for 30 million yuan and prepared a publicity activity to build hope primary school. Qin LAN, the female No.1 of the film, was going to be invited to attend. However, Qin LAN deliberately played a big game and asked for 10000 yuan for the appearance fee. As a matter of fact, the film pay already includes the publicity expenses after that. Actually, I still ask them for the appearance fee now. Finally, after a long discussion, the price was reduced to 6000.

Sun Feifei Pisces

"Until the day of victory" TV crew members revealed that the heroine, sun Feifei, often changed plays on the set, completely disobeying the script and playing big names.

Zhang Nara Pisces

Zhang Nala was also embarrassed when she was in Shanghai. From lip synching to being scolded by middlemen for "playing big names", Zhang temporarily raised her price by 250000 yuan to take advantage of the fire.

An Yixuan Libra

When an Yixuan went to Huangshan to attend an event, she had already arrived at the scene, but she was playing big cards in the car. Before coming to Huangshan, an Yixuan with four assistants asked to stay in a five-star hotel suite. After arriving at the scene of the event, the organizer is required to first claim 50000 yuan for the air fare, otherwise, he will not be allowed to appear. This kind of style is enough to let the two TVB after the stage.

Zhuo Wenxuan Aquarius

Zhuo Wenxuan is famous for her role in some idol dramas. It should have been a good thing that Zhuo Wenxuan was invited to Changsha to record "high voice at festivals". She never wanted to be exposed as a big player: she was very picky about food, accommodation and transportation, and was late for playing more frequently, which made the program team very angry. The driver who was in charge of picking up Zhuo Wenxuan was pigeoned one after another, and finally the driver refused to take her. In an interview, the driver gritted his teeth and said, "I don't know what the girl has played, but I know she is good at playing big names. '

Yang Gongru Capricorn

Once Yang Gongru went to Changchun to record a program. At that time, the media were reporting the news that she and Yang Zi went to night clubs. So the reporters politely asked her what was going on and whether she wanted to make a clarification, but she said in a very dragging manner: 'I don't need to clarify, I don't want to say. Then they asked her when she wanted to say it. When she said she could, she would say, 'maybe tomorrow or later, but not today. "It is clear that there is no such thing. If she wants to stir up the media for a few more days, she will deliberately sell the key points to attract people's imagination. Her attitude is still very bad, and the big brands are full of momentum. The reporters present several times want to stand up and leave. '

Song Huiqiao Pisces

When South Korean star song Huiqiao and rain came to Shanghai to shoot "full of romance", she was not satisfied with the four-star hotel arranged by the crew, and she had to move to a five-star hotel alone. She didn't eat the same Bento as the director and the staff. Instead, she asked the driver to drive her to the Korean restaurant. It was really a big show.

Zhang Ruixi Capricorn

When Zhang Ruixi filmed "gengzi Fengyun", it was also reported that Zhang Ruixi played big brands. She left the group for 33 days without cooperating with the interview, which caused huge losses to the producers and made her 20% of her film payment not be paid as scheduled.

Virgo Yang Mi

Ke Hanchen, director of symphony of destiny, scolded Yang Mi, the leading actor, on his microblog: he didn't respect people when he was filming. He was only five years old when he was out of stock. He would play big names if he had no goods. I didn't want to be boycotted by fans of Yang Mi and Feng Shaofeng. Yang Mi also responded directly on Weibo: Director Ke Hanchen is lack of understanding. It was very lively. No matter what the truth is, the news of Yang Mi playing a big name has been spread all over the city.