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Star constellations in Qiongyao Opera

Speaking of Qiongyao opera, the first thing people think of are the heroines with bright eyes and bright teeth. Qiongyao's plays are like a dream factory, from which one woman after another does not eat fireworks. Among the young Qiongyao girls, most of them are from huanzhu gege. Most of them are still active in the film and television industry, but there is a certain gap in fame. Some people are already a top-notch, the status is not the same, and some are still in the struggle, and some people have been married. Now let's take a look at those star constellations in Qiongyao opera.

Fan Bingbing Virgo

More than ten years ago, a "huanzhu Ge Ge Ge" made Jinsuo a servant girl into the audience's sight. After "huanzhu Ge Ge Ge" was broadcast, Fan Bingbing became the most popular "servant girl". After years of hard work, Fan Bingbing not only opened her own studio as the boss, but also became the focus of international entertainment. She was called "international fan" by the media, and can be called one of the most successful actresses among Qiongyao girls.


Xiao Qiang was once known as "Taiwan's first beauty" for her impressive role of green Ping in a curtain dream. Now it seems that time does not give her too many wrinkles, more mature.

Cancer, qinlan

Qin LAN is well known for her role in Zhihua in "huanzhu 3", and later in Qiongyao's drama "another curtain of dreams", which has greatly increased her popularity. At present, Qin LAN not only has a successful career, but also has a stable relationship with director Lu Chuan.