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Star star who can make extra money

The most competitive and precarious job is in the entertainment industry: today you still earn a lot of money, but tomorrow you will be blocked and run to no food to eat! So there are a group of "generalists" who seek survival and development. They can make a lot of money without acting!

Jackie Chan: Aries

Name: business leader

Compared with other entertainment industry's' sideline 'colleagues, Jackie Chan has the courage to explore the international market. Jackie Chan once sold his super luxury house in Beverly Hills, Hollywood, at a high price, making a net profit of more than 30 million Hong Kong dollars. In addition to the properties he sold in Hong Kong, he earned more than 70 million Hong Kong dollars in the housing market alone. Before that, he bought a piece of land with hundreds of millions of yuan in Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong, for the expansion of the company. He also took a stake in King's company and invested in sushi chain stores in the mainland. Real estate, media industry, catering industry & hellip; & hellip; several 'big business projects' have been carried out, and Jackie Chan's money grabbing philosophy is fast and cruel, and the business opportunities they see can't easily slip away from them. They like to stimulate diversified ways of making money, and their extraordinary courage and courage can be put to great use!

Zhou Xingchi: Cancer

Name: speculator

"Shop king" Chow bought his first house in Hong Kong in 1990 and started to buy land in 2004. He has accumulated nearly 500 million yuan of real estate, becoming the richest artist in Hong Kong in 2004. Over the years, Stephen Chow, wearing sunglasses and riding a bicycle, has spent 300 million yuan on Wangpu land in Central Hong Kong. It is reported that Zhou Xingchi is very proud in real estate, thanks to the behind the scenes military adviser