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How do women conquer Capricorn men

Four year old silver lovers xiaolishuo and Yamada will enter the auditorium on the 14th White Valentine's day. The difference between the two was two years old. However, since the association, there have been constant rumors and scores. Two years ago, the man was also revealed to have taken a new actress to open a house. The statement said: 'we are Kurosawa and Yamada. We are going to get married on the 14th of this month. Thank you for your support for a long time and will strive to bring happiness to you in the future. "The steady, mature and generous Capricorn man is the favorite object of many sisters. Come and conquer the Capricorn man with Yamada's smile!

Name: Yamada

Birthday: July 5, 1984

Constellation: Cancer

Name: Xiao Lishui

Birthday: December 26, 1982

Constellation: Capricorn

Cancer Yamada

Yamada was born on July 5, 1984 in enna village, Guotou County, Okinawa County, with bright sunshine, blue sky and white clouds. Yamada, who has big eyes, big mouth and prominent facial features, has now become the chief model of cancam. With her excellent face and figure, she leaves a beautiful figure in front of the camera. In private, Xiaoyou is a sunny and lively girl. In addition to the formal photography work, the expression is rich, real and charming.

Capricorn man