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A constellation girl with a bad attitude

'in February, south of the Yangtze River, Luoyi was tested. In spring, the snow of Yanshan mountain was still flying. It should be that Zi Gui can't cry, though his hometown is not homesick. 'it's not only in ancient times that there were resentful women. Modern women who are not good at mentality are also likely to become resentful women. I believe that no woman would like to be a resentful woman who frightens others, but just as ideals and reality often run counter to each other, there is a gap between marriage and love. So which emotions are born with weak resistance are easy to become resentful women. Adjust your mind as soon as possible.

Scorpio: Scorpio gives people a cold and light feeling, which seems to be very difficult to get close to, but once their heart door is opened, once they fall in love with someone, they will be particularly persistent, especially affectionate, and then become too picky. They always hope that the other party will only focus on their own, and can't help interfering in the other party's personal space. If they are not happy about this, Scorpio will reflect on it afterwards, but next time they can't help interfering. A single Scorpio hopes that the other party is also single-minded. A dodging look will make them confused. If you see the other party talking and laughing with other girls, it's even worse. Even if you don't talk about it, you will go on the road of complaining sooner or later. Don't directly say that the other side is not, torture their own way to make the other side difficult, Scorpio will only make love deviate from the original can be happy track. All day a pair of people have been left out, dissatisfied expression, who will be comfortable, their own uncomfortable. It's impossible for two people to move in the direction of their imagination. Instead of complaining about the lack of love, it's better to be tolerant, think more about each other's good, and reflect on what you don't do well. After all, only when you are destined to love and understand each other can love continue to be good.

Cancer: confident women are the most beautiful. On the contrary, women who are not confident tend to be sensitive and suspicious, or even complain about their troubles. As time goes on, how beautiful will the frowning beauty be? Cancer with super low sense of security is not confident enough, so it's easy to worry about their feelings. You are OK when you're farming. Once you're a little far away, whether you're too busy at work or not Because of other reasons, cancer will not think about it, and will doubt whether the other party has changed his mind, whether he no longer loves himself, or whether his feelings have come to an end. Even if friends advise them not to think too much, as long as cancer opens uneasy, there is no way to be optimistic. It's easy to become a resentful wife because of the heavy mind and entanglement in little things that you don't need to pay attention to. Gentle cancer to know that emotions are easy to infect, they think too much unhappy, how happy the other side. Learn to be independent, don't revolve around love, don't think that love is the whole of life, overcome their dependence. Learn to adjust your mood and make your life colorful. You will find that there is no man and the sunshine is just as bright and beautiful.

Pisces: women are like flowers. There is nothing wrong with romantic nature. After all, life is not only about survival, not just about firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar and tea. It also needs true love, feelings to paint beautiful colors, adding fun and meaning to life. The nature of the Pisces is much more romantic than others. For love, it is too beautiful to imagine. It also firmly believes that the romantic heart in love can continue to the life of marriage. It's because Pisces are too romantic. Once the passion turns to plain, life is busy, and all kinds of trivial things occupy more time for two people, or the other side turns the focus from their subtle concern to work, the chances of talking to each other become less. How can the Dreamy Pisces bear it. From dissatisfaction at the beginning to nagging, if you don't brake in time, the image of the complaining woman will soon become a foregone conclusion. Pisces need to know that dreams are just dreams, romance is just the occasional embellishment of life. Being too persistent will only make the beauty that you originally have in front of you become the reason for unhappiness. Happiness is like fine sand. The tighter you hold it, the faster it flows. Romance is not only about love. If you enrich your life, you will find yourself happy.