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A constellation that only hears sweet words

Everyone likes to listen to good words, but some people only listen to sweet words when they are in love. Maybe you can complain with them occasionally, but if you want to ask them to do something, you have to say the sweet words they like to listen to; Some lovers think you don't love them after you say "I love you" less than a few times. Sweet talk seems to be a kind of Progressive Proof of love for these people. What constellation people talk about love is the most effective way to listen to sweet talk and communicate with others? Free measurement line


Love without sweet words is like love without sweet words. Let's do "voice practice of love"!

Pisces is an animal that needs to be hypnotized. They like their love because there is a sense of constant temperature and sweet happiness. To put it in a dreamlike way, they are playing romantic love movies in real life. There are countless scripts and countless bridges in Pisces' head that can be played. They don't need each other to play according to their scripts, as long as the other half Willing to put in, the response is happy rather than cold and perfunctory, so Pisces will be very happy, because it will make Pisces feel that their love is very interesting and happy, there is a kind of satisfaction that every little dream of their own is realized in the two people get along one by one.

If the other half's attitude is too cold or even perfunctory, in fact, it will always hit Pisces. This kind of attack will make Pisces feel helpless, and there will be a kind of unspeakable sense of loss in mood, because although there will be a little gap between reality and imagination, such a love without temperature really makes Pisces lose. In the matter of love, Pisces has a basic need, which is to be satisfied, and if not, Pisces will want to go out pursue.

For Pisces, the most basic thing is to always hear "I love you" or at least give a compliment, or at least say "I miss you" to Pisces. Pisces is a very fanciful constellation. There are some Pisces with a strong pessimistic tendency. In fact, it's easy to think more and more negatively. Such negative thoughts will make these Pisces fall into a kind of deep melancholy state, which will make these Pisces easily lose control of their emotions. It's easy to have sad or crying situations, which usually happens when they feel that they can't leave In this person's Pisces, love not only has romantic comedies, but also sad plots. Such Pisces will automatically cover themselves into the script of tragic love, and often make the other half of the emotional fool. I'm just a bit more pragmatic in the face of Pisces. Why do they think (twist) things into this situation? Maybe, for many people For Pisces, constant sweet talk is the proof of love, right?


They can't accept threats and coercion, and they don't like being ordered. Sweet words can only drive them.

In love, they don't like to live in the downwind. It's the same for both male and female lions. It's a constellation that likes to be praised, to listen to sweet talk, to be held in the palm of the hand and to protect. They never like to be criticized, especially by those they like. They don't perform well, let alone be ordered. There are only Leo commanders. They don't like to be ordered In love, two people are equal, or the Leo wants to be the one with the higher status. It's good that they don't order others, but they have to get orders from others?

In the face of your beloved, this natural pride will be more obvious. Of course, Leo understands that his attitude is sometimes a little intolerable to the other side, so many Leo will tend to be more restrained, at least not to put on airs to command the other side, but their minimum limit is to hear the other side's sweet words, and Leo will return With sweet words and coquetry, just like a comforted cat.

Of course, love can't always be in love and full of enthusiasm. If the other half of Leo is born without sweet words or even a little cold face to Leo, it will make Leo feel that love is very boring. They like to be taken care of instead of being hung aside. If they meet each other without words, they may try their best at the beginning Strength wants to make love hot, but once the effort is found to be ineffective, Leo will withdraw to his kingdom and start to pursue the object that will hold them in the palm of his hand.

When talking about falling in love with each other, Leo's laziness (obviously laziness) will make it hard for Leo to move. If we live together, we will find that this lion is really lazy like a cat (but some of them are already in the state of pigs). If we hope that they can help with household chores or at least tidy up the living space, we should first give some incentives, etc They have to give them sweet words and praise after they finish, otherwise Leo may not be willing to do it next time at all.

A lot of people find that it's really a thankless job to be a trainer after associating with Leo.


It's important to communicate. It's also important to express love. Casually perfunctory will be seen through the hands and feet, to the true feelings of the line.

As far as astrology is concerned, mercury is the guardian star of Gemini, and many Gemini seem to be so sensitive to language. Even some Gemini can guess what they want to talk about next before they have heard each other's words. Because they are so sensitive to language and communication, they are actually straight in love The judgment of love comes from the sweet words that can move them.

Of course, Gemini is very happy to hear sweet words. This is the expression of love. They are even very good at using positive and negative words to make people laugh and cry, but they are full of happiness. The use of language is like a natural magic for Gemini. They don't necessarily hope that the other side will talk like them, but the most basic sweet words Honeyed words are indispensable. Gemini doesn't like to fall in love with the wall.

Sometimes love is the presentation of a kind of relationship. Many Gemini people are very confused with others. Although they are self-conscious, Gemini also likes the feeling of fainting occasionally. Moreover, love is always coming and going. Gemini also likes to hear a lot of sweet words, especially the words they say when they are intoxicated in this love, which will make Gemini in A kind of sober and confused state, just like the feeling of floating when drunk.

Of course, it's also a smart sign. If the lover's words are too perfunctory, or they don't come from his heart at all, Gemini will feel very funny, or even want to see what kind of heart each other has, and how can they behave like this. Most of the false feelings and false meanings can't deceive Gemini.

Because of their strong sense of language, Gemini will respond directly to each other's orders, reproaches and criticisms. They don't like the feeling of being attacked, because they can hear the dissatisfaction, contempt or neglect in each other's words. This will also make sensitive Gemini crazy. How can a lover so close to Gemini be able to How about hurting them like this?

True sweet words can deeply move Gemini's heart. Even if they often regard love as a game, the game also has great difference between playing carefully and playing casually.


All in all, it's cold on the face but cool in the heart. Because it means that I still love him and value him.

Scorpio is a hidden monarch character. They are naturally fond of being respected and loved, but they always like to keep a cold attitude on their faces. They don't like being ignored or ignored. This is also true in love. Because they want to be valued, they need lovers to show their attitude of attaching importance to Scorpio and this love, and the expression of words Da is the most simple and fast way, which is a basic requirement for Scorpio.

Many Scorpios don't think that "if you love me, I should say it." and Scorpio is confident enough to tell whether the other side is saying these sweet words full of love from the heart. For Scorpio, these words are a basic proof. Sometimes they even think that the lover is saying these words "should", so they don't What will be too happy look, at most is a simple smile with.

However, Scorpio will be "dark cool" in their heart. They are used to being indifferent, so they will not give too many responses. Or it should be said that Scorpio is used to intimate action response, maybe it is a kiss, a hug, a happy point or even more passion to let each other know their devotion to this love.

Some Scorpios actually understand that they are better at swearing rather than speaking romantic words. It's also a practical way to let each other feel love with actions, which is also full of self-knowledge. They know how to observe each other, and whether they can say sweet words is also a reference indicator. If they don't say sweet words, they will say less and less "I love you". This will make Scorpio feel that the other party seems to have less and less heart in this love. It will make Scorpio more suspicious of Scorpio, and even think that the other party has moved to another love and started to dark Investigate the whereabouts of a lover.

To communicate with Scorpio, you should have at least one cognition. This lover doesn't necessarily give you too much of a pleasant face. Their love is shown in their body movements. Scorpio likes to hear, see and feel their love. Sweet words are the proof of basic love.


No matter how to discuss the matter and reason, it is far less than a sweet talk that can move his heart.

It's really boring to talk with Virgo. They are naturally rational and like to reason. They also need to find out the answer to break the casserole. Their attitude is to make a lot of Virgos perfect. When life is full of tension and pressure, it's not easy to be relaxed when talking about love. It's more likely to bring a lot of life When it comes to life and work, Virgo doesn't really want to blame or complain. They just want to have an outlet, someone to listen to, and get some comfort from their lover.

Virgo actually needs to listen to sweet talk, although they often don't ask for it, but for many Virgos who value love very much, when they hear the soft words and sweet words of their lovers, the tension in their hearts will also slowly fall down, because Virgo itself belongs to a very delicate and sensitive type, and in love, it's easy to put oneself I'm so stressed