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What kind of novels do you like best

Reading is undoubtedly a wonderful spiritual enjoyment. But just like clothes and hairstyles, books should also find something suitable for them. Test it out and see which novel suits you best?

1. Do you prefer reading in bed or in front of the desk? In front of the desk-2 in bed-3

2. Your reading posture is usually sitting on your upper body with your elbows on the table - 4 with your legs crossed and leaning on the chair - 5

3. When reading in bed, are you used to lying or sitting? Lying - 5 sitting - 6

4. Are you used to making a pot of tea before you are ready to read? Yes - 6. No such habit - 7

5. When do you prefer to read? When you wake up in the morning - 4 when you go to bed in the evening - 6

6. Do you like listening to music and reading? Yes - 7 No, I prefer to read quietly - 8

7. Do you like to eat while reading? Yes - 9 No, it will distract me - 8

8. Don't you like reading those boring words very much? Yes - 9, not - 10

9. For books with exquisite illustrations, do you always go through all the pictures above before reading them? Yes - 11, not - 12

10. Do you think reading is an important part of your life? Yes - 11 is not - 12

11. Do you usually read one word at a time or ten lines at a glance? One word at a time - 13, ten lines at a glance - 15

12. When you read a very thick book again, you can't help turning to the last page to see how it ends? Yes - 13 is not - 14

13. People want to borrow your books, what do you think? My books don't like to be touched by others - 14 good books, I would be more willing to share with others - 15

14. Have you ever read so much that you forget to eat and sleep

15. Do you have the habit of taking reading notes? Yes - 16, very little - 17

16. If you want to record your feelings, you are more inclined to write about cyberspace - 18 in a Book - 19

17. Can you remember almost all the books you have read? Yes - 18 will be forgotten after a long time - 20

18. Are you used to reading another book after reading one book, or are you optimistic about several books at the same time? Read one book first - 19 and read several books at the same time 20

19. Are you very picky about authors? Do you usually only choose the works of authors you like? Yes - A is not - B

20. Do you read fast? Yes - C, not - D

A. Philosophical B, human C, story D and social D