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Looking at a woman from the moon

Please answer the following nine questions. From the results, you will find out whether you are a woman with white moon or black moon. In other words, you are a traditional woman with three obediences and four virtues and rich emotions, or a modernist woman who does not bow to reality and dares to challenge tradition.

1. Which of the following stories do you like best?

a. Cat and mouse

b. Beauty and the beast

c. Snow white

d. Cinderella

Answer: a likes to challenge men; B is as smart as a snake girl; C is always in bloom; D is naive to accept reality.

2. If someone challenges you, which weapon would you choose?

a. Pistol

b. Dagger

c. Looking for opportunities

d. Poison

Answer: A is afraid of losing oneself; B wants to master everything; C will spare no effort to protect him and his children; D is destructive.

3. What kind of moon do you like?

a. New moon

b. Full moon

c. First quarter moon

d. Lunar eclipse

Answer: a black moon temperament is not gentle enough; B white moon temperament, you will be a perfect mother; C black and white moon contradictory, want a balanced life of emotion and career. D yearns for his mother's identity and is afraid of this role.

4. You want to be a

a. Good fairy

b. A wicked witch

c. Good witch

d. Witches

Answer: A is the embodiment of the goddess of liberty; B wild and confident black moon; C is willing to meet the needs of others; d strong desire for power.

5. Which situation do you prefer?

a. Take the initiative to chat up a man

b. Talk to yourself by a man

c. I don't like it

d. I like it all

Answer: a love to compete with men; b be obedient to the man you love; C refuse to be a full-time wife; d be affectionate without showing off.

6. Your life with your boyfriend:

a. It's colorful and very interesting

b. Colorful, but a little boring

c. Nothing changed, but it was very interesting

d. There's no change, and it's boring

Answer: a attaches great importance to her female role; B, like Eve, can carry all the hopes that men impose on her; C is often as naive as a child; D ignores her female role.

7. What do you think is the most difficult to deal with

a. Egg stains

b. Bloodstain

c. Flowers and plants

d. Family affairs

Answer: a you can bear certain pressure of the white moon temperament; B mind easily change with the full moon; C refuse to obey his pressure to you; D desire complete freedom.

8. What kind of man do you think Adam is?

a. It's no different from men in the world

b. A big kid

c. The first hero

d. A weak and incompetent man

Answer: a understand the person you love, sometimes ignore him; B follow your lover, but you can see his heart; C often regard yourself as a weak person, eager to get the man's care, white moon temperament; D is a kind of black moon type that people have their own opinions and don't want to be controlled by others.