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Test what you will abandon in the new year

What will you abandon in the new year? The coming of the new year is a new beginning. Do you want to do a big cleaning for yourself, throw away the burden and pressure, and meet the new beginning with a new face? If you want to have a new harvest in the new year, you should naturally throw away some old trivia, which has been given up since ancient times. Test to see what is the old trivia you shouldn't take with you.

1. How often do you change your hair?

Not necessarily - 7 never change - 2

2. Walking on the street, people always look at you. Why do you think it is?

I have dirt on my face-8

My dress is fashionable-3

3. Do you work very hard to do anything?

Yes - 9 is not - 4

4, do you love perfume?

Yes - 10 is not - 5

5. Do you see the price first when you buy clothes?

Yes - 11 is not - 6

6. Do you often get to the top of your head?

Yes - 12 is not - 7

7. Is it easy for you to lose sleep because of stress?

Yes - 13 is not - 8

8. Which do you like better than spa?

Spa-14 sport-9

9. Do you always learn to match clothes with characters in TV series?

Yes - 15 is not - 10

10. Aren't you a joker?

No - 16 yes - 11

11. Do you spend less and less time with your relatives?

Yes - 17 is not - 12

12. Which sport do you prefer?

Golf-18 swimming-13

13. Can you knit a sweater?

Yes-19 NO-14

14. Do you always listen to others carefully?

Yes - 20 is not - 15

15. Is it easy for you to concentrate?

Easy - 21 not easy - 16

16. Do you like fur very much?

Yes - 22 is not - 17

17. Do you have many clothes that have been worn for more than two years?

Yes - 23 not - 18

18. Can you tell a person's character from details?

Yes - 24 No - 19

19. Won't you delay your work to attend anyone's wedding party?

Yes - 25 won't - 20

20. Are you always picky when shopping?

Yes - 26 not - 21

21. Don't you spend money on fashion magazines?

Yes - 27 is not - 22

22. Do you often detect other people's lies?

Yes - 28 is not - 23

23. Do you think it's a waste of time to always party with friends?

Yes - 29 is not - 24

24. Are you critical of your living environment?

Yes - 30 not - 25

25. Are you reluctant to spend a high price on your favorite clothes?

Yes - 31 is not - 26

Do you often inquire about other people's secrets?

Yes - 32 is not - 27

27. Will you tell your family about your work troubles?

Yes - 33 No - 28

28. Do you like to buy discount brands?

Like - 34 don't like - 29

29. Can you identify the signs of various brands?

Can't - 35 can - 30

30. Do you always care what others think of you?

Yes - 36 is not - 31

31. Will you take your work home?

Yes-37 NO-32

Are you a Shopaholic?

Yes - 38 not - 33

33, do you never use perfume?

Yes - 39 is not - 34

34. Are you easily mad?

Yes - 40 not - 35

35. Are you afraid of losing your job?

Yes - 41 not - 36

36. Are you envious of the women who marry into a powerful family?

Yes - B is not - 37

Do you never use body milk?

Yes - C is not - 38

38. Do you often tell your troubles to your friends?

Yes - A is not - 39

39. Do you even think about work when you go to the toilet?

Yes - C is not - 40

40. The reasons why you don't want to attend the reunion are:

I didn't stand out - D

No empty - 41

41. Is it difficult for you to buy clothes you like?

No - B yes - A

Test results:

A: In the new year, there should be a new atmosphere, and you should abandon your heart of being fussy about everything. If you are always worrying about this and that, you will still look sad in the new year. Don't be a face covering loser. Open your heart, let others feel your tolerance and atmosphere. In the new year, it's time for you to abandon your mind, which cares about everything.

B: In the new year, you should abandon the pressure of work. When the new year comes, you may as well make a new work plan for yourself. Even if you are under great pressure, even if you don't achieve the goals you have set, put everything aside for the time being. Relax and make a new plan for yourself. Are you going to spend your years under pressure? That would be a terrible thing. Get out of your cage and treat your work in a different way.

C: In the new year, you should abandon your strong desire for material things. The desire for material causes you to feel dissatisfied with your life. In the new year, can you give up your title of money worship? Quickly give up your terrible material desire, or your image in other people's hearts will always be a greedy man who just wants to get money. Change your face, but don't be so desperate for money.

D: In the new year, you should abandon your old clothes and bags. Your outdated clothes and bags really make you look old and old. Don't be a clay turtle in another's eyes. Have you never thought of changing yourself? When this goblin runs rampant, I don't know how much you are determined to maintain your woodlouse image so far. The new year is a new beginning. You may as well reshape a bright image for yourself. Change everything in your appearance, otherwise how can you have a new atmosphere.