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Children's intelligence quotient test

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Intelligence quotient is the abbreviation of intelligence development quotient, which is a method to check intelligence development. Mainly check whether the intelligence development of infants and children conforms to the normal development law. If there is abnormal development, it can be found as early as possible, and trace the causes, and give appropriate treatment. IQ can be expressed by the following formula:

IQ = measured age of maturity / actual age & times; 100%

The method of IQ test varies with different subjects. For infants under 3 years old, the four skills of action ability, response ability, speech ability and response ability were tested, and 4 weeks, 16 weeks, 28 weeks, 40 weeks, 52 weeks, 12 months, 24 months and 36 months were taken as the key test of 8 years old, because in these stages, intellectual development can show special leap forward development. Older children can use some simple ways to check, such as 2 and a half to 8-year-old children, can use some pictures to answer the form or drawing test to check. It should be emphasized that intelligence quotient can only indicate whether the intelligence development of the child or infant is in line with the normal law in the detection age group, and it is not sure that the examinee must have high or low intelligence, because there are cases of early or late intelligence development, let alone that the examinee is smart or stupid; Moreover, IQ can only be determined after a comprehensive understanding of child care, education and health, and after multiple follow-up.