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Your pressure resistance can be tested here

In life, everyone will have some pressure, which may come from life, work, marriage and love, etc. After encountering the pressure, some people show the pressure type, while others show no shock type. Well, what about yourself? Come and test the results quickly!

Question: which of the four catastrophes in the figure below scares you most?

A. Earthquake

B. Typhoon

C. Fire

D. Flooding

People who choose a: the pressure index is 80%. If you feel that the pressure is coming, your first reaction will stop first, and then think about the order of treatment. You won't mess with yourself, because you know that complaining and impatience can't solve things.

People who choose B: pressure index is 60%. When you feel pressure, you will first find someone to express your feelings and complain, because if you don't say it, you will suffocate yourself. When you finish venting your emotions, you will finally find a way to overcome them.

Choose C person: pressure index 40%, usually you are a good gentleman (Miss), but once faced with pressure, your temper will follow fickle, so that people around you can't understand, from time to time also be affected by your stray bullets, easy to be emotional and bad things.

People who choose D: the pressure index is 20%. Others know that your pressure resistance is low, and they don't dare to let you have too much burden and responsibility, otherwise they may bear more pressure than you, because you will trigger mines at any time.