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Test: what day is it today? It depends on your IQ

A. B, C, D, e, F and G are arguing: what day is today?

A: The day after tomorrow is Wednesday.

B: No, it's Wednesday.

IQ test: what day is it today?

C: You are all wrong. Tomorrow is Wednesday.

D: Nonsense! Today is neither Monday, nor Tuesday, nor Wednesday.

E: I'm sure yesterday was Thursday.

F: No, you turned it upside down. Tomorrow is Thursday.

G: Anyway, yesterday was not Saturday.

In fact, only one of the seven is right.

Excuse me: who is right? What day is today?


There are seven different ways to express a person

A: Today is Monday.

B: Today is Wednesday.

C: Today is Tuesday.

D: Today is Thursday or Friday, or Saturday, or Sunday.

E: Today is Friday.

F: Today is Wednesday.

G: Today is Monday, or Tuesday, or Wednesday, or Thursday, or Friday, or Saturday. The day mentioned only once is Sunday. If this day is another day, there will be more than one person right. So it must be Sunday. What D said is correct.