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Intelligence test for baby

As parents, who doesn't want to have a healthy and smart baby? The health of the baby can be checked out by the hospital, so how smart is it? Similarly, we can see whether the baby is smart through the following baby's performance?

Below, we list 20 kinds of children's performance in daily life for parents, and we should never ignore them, because they are the embodiment of children's potential intelligence!

1. Be good at using language to describe all kinds of sounds;

2. If you change a word in a story that you often read to your children, they will say that they have read it wrong and correct it;

3. Like to tell people stories, and tell them vividly;

4. Like to ask some strange questions, such as why people can't fly and so on;

5. They like to put toys together according to size or color;

6. Like to play and sing with musical instruments;

7. Like to listen to the sound of various musical instruments, and can accurately determine what musical instrument is according to the sound;

8. Can accurately remember poetry and music often played on TV;

9. Good at discerning direction, rarely lost;

10. When taking the bus, remember the station name or road sign clearly, and tell you when you have been to this place;

11. I like to paint in the East and in the west, vividly outlining all kinds of objects;

12. Like to do it yourself, many things will be learned;

13. Especially like to imitate the action or narration of drama or movie characters;

14. They are good at observing their parents' mood and understanding their worries and happiness;

15. Graceful, graceful and polite;

16. When you see a stranger, you say something like 'he looks like someone';

17. He is good at connecting behavior with emotion, such as: 'I did it when I was angry';

18. Be good at judging what to do and what not to do.

19. Be good at distinguishing small differences between objects;

20. I like playing with plants and animals, but I'm not interested in general toys.