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How long did this man live?

A man was born in 10 B.C. and died in 10 A.D. on the day before his birthday. How old was the man when he died?

How long did this man live?







On weekdays, we calculate a person's age by subtracting the year of his birth from the year of his death. According to this calculation method, this person's age should be 10 - (- 10) = 20 years old, but every problem has its specific situation, or special situation, so we need to analyze it in detail. Because the general sequence is & hellip; 2,1,0,1, - 2 & hellip; & hellip;, and there is no year of ad 0 in the calendar, which can only be & hellip; & hellip; 2,1, - 1, - 2 & hellip; in the same way, there is no so-called 0-year in calculating age. A.D. refers to the first year. In addition, a person's age is generally calculated from his birthday, that is, one day before and after his birthday, the age is one year behind. The general calculation method is not applicable in this problem, and the correct answer should be 18 years old.