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How high is your IQ?

Nine people lost their way in the mountains, and all their food was only enough for five days. The next day, the nine met another group of people who were lost, so we all got together and counted the food together. The two groups ate together for only three days. Do you know how many people were lost in the second group?

1. According to the above questions, please guess the number of people lost in the second team

See how intelligent you are

Zheng Jie: when the first team met the second team, the first team had eaten the food for one day, so the rest was only enough for the first team to eat for four days, but after the second team joined, it could only eat for three days, that is to say, the food eaten by the second team in three days was equal to the food eaten by nine people in the first team in one day, so there were three people in the second team.