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Is it suitable for you to lie or jump

Are you satisfied with your current job situation? Do you also need to consider whether to stay or not? Will you become a member of the army of job hopping? The following test questions can help you measure your satisfaction with your current career and provide guidance on the remedy to the case.

1. Back to your job, the first thing to do is & hellip; & hellip;

A. Turn on the computer, pour a cup of espresso, and then get ready to work.

B. Make a cup of coffee, chat with colleagues, go to the dressing room to make up, and finally read the recruitment advertisement.

C. Send a personal email and have a chat with others.

2. When it's time to leave & hellip; & hellip;

A. But the work on hand is not finished, it is better to continue to work overtime.

B. Finally get through this day, get out of here.

C. It's OK to leave the work in hand till tomorrow.

3. On the last working day of the week, you feel & hellip; & hellip;

A. Be proud of your hard work.

B. There's not much time left, and it's no use trying again.

C. I'm happy with what I've done and should enjoy the weekend.

4. What is your biggest motivation?

A. New tasks that are unpredictable, challenging and new knowledge.

B. Work four and a half days a week and get extra paid vacation every year.

C. Working in a warm environment.

5. A headhunting company invites you to change jobs with a salary increase of 500 yuan;

A. Refuse the other party's good intentions and do not leave the current company.

B. Gladly agreed, thinking that the other side should speak earlier.

C. Happy to be able to change jobs and look forward to the next opportunity.

6. Your boss praises your ability and hints that you will be promoted, but it depends on the completion of your new task, you & hellip; & hellip;

A. Take on the task with enthusiasm and think it is a good opportunity for promotion.

B. Reluctantly take on a new task and plan to find another job.

C. The opportunity of promotion excites you, but the difficult new task puts pressure on you. I hope it won't happen in the future.

7. Take a close look at your work, you & hellip; & hellip;

A. I can see my achievements in the past few years from those neat plans.

B. Feel disgusted and helpless, think who will work in such an environment?

C. Although a mess, but you have your own management methods, will not affect the progress of work.

8. One day, you realize that you've been with this company for four years & hellip; & hellip;

A. Surprised, but still feel that the work is full of novelty and excitement.

B. I don't believe I've lived here for four years. I'm depressed to think that I'll still be standing still in the future.

C. Accident, and feel used to this kind of work life.

9. When your boss asks you about your plan for the next two years, you think & hellip; & hellip;

A. It is possible to stay in the original position and believe that their future plans can be realized in the company.

B. If there is a job hopping opportunity, absolutely leave.

C. Maybe it's possible to stay in the original position for promotion, but job hopping is not ruled out.


Multiple choice a person: you are absolutely an employee full of energy, clear organization, willing to devote to the work, and have played incisively and vividly in your own work position, with a bright future. Obviously, you are satisfied and interested in your current job, but don't rule out the opportunity to move to another ideal position. The sky outside may be more conducive to your talent.

Multiple B: you have no interest and enthusiasm for your current job. It's hard to imagine why you continue to work. Your dissatisfaction and complaint will not bring any benefits to yourself, the company, colleagues and the future. Laziness and fear are the main reasons why you stay where you are. If you want to change the situation, you should first change your current attitude towards work and life, have positive enthusiasm and vitality, and look for a new job suitable for you.

Multiple C: like most office workers, your interest in your current job has reached a bottleneck. However, after weighing the gains and losses, you decide to stay and hope that you have a future in the company. You are always indecisive. Therefore, you should first recognize whether you are suitable for the current working environment and whether your position is your interest, and then make a decisive decision to either continue charging and accumulating capital, or change your job and strive to create good results.

"Jump" is a carp leaping over the dragon's gate

Kiki has been a clerk for nearly two years, but her salary and position are still in the same place. At the end of March this year, Kiki successfully got the position of assistant general manager. The original plan is to turn to human resource management after one year. While doing their own work well, they will continue to pay attention to and learn the business of human resource management. However, in November, in her observation and analysis of the workplace, she found that the demand for human resources positions rose sharply. Kiki immediately seized the opportunity to take off in a timely manner and successfully transferred to human resource management.

Kiki achieved a position in human resource management, and naturally his salary was improved. Moreover, he completed his career plan half a year in advance.

Comments: high salary is the goal of many people, because 'people go high, water flows to the bottom'. Who doesn't expect a better life and a higher quality of life? However, working in hard work, low salary is like a marathon race, endless and without hope. Seizing the opportunity to raise salary to a higher level is undoubtedly a good opportunity for workplace people to catch up with the tide. So what are the right ways to get a high salary? How can we avoid detours on the way to get a high salary? There are several essential links before job hopping

1. Understanding: market situation, industry situation, regional situation, business operation, position to be sought, boss's mood and his ability;

2. Choice: direction, industry, enterprise, position, opportunity, boss, supervisor, environment, colleague;

3. Preparation: resume, interview, adaptation, psychology, charging, life.

Proper selection and adequate preparation will lay the foundation for the success of job hopping. In addition, you should pay attention to the right time. If you are still blind and not ready, don't take risks.

"Lying" is an old man with lofty ambition

Last April, sting was transferred to the current company as human resources. In the new company for more than a year to be proactive, all the work done very well, the company has prepared to give him the news of a raise.

Since August, because a regional manager of the company is stubborn and extreme, several department heads have taken advantage of the opportunity to 'change jobs'. For a while, there was a trend of "job hopping" in the company, and some employees left the company one after another. It happened that there were a lot of human resources positions, and sting's heart was also alive.

However, if the manager of the company has a good way to communicate with the company's manager, he can ask the teacher about his own work experience In the future, I will apply for the position of manager when I change jobs. However, we must be sure to win. When we are busy 'job hopping', we should pay close attention to the charging and re clarify, understand and master the various requirements for the position of HR manager. After communicating with the company, sting finally took the position of HR manager.

Comments: most companies will make bonus distribution plans at the end of the year according to the operating performance of the previous year. No matter what the performance is, this bonus is always the richest in a year. Similarly, most companies will make a performance evaluation for each employee at the end of the year and make personnel changes according to the business strategy of the next year. If you really have the ability and performance, the boss will consider giving you a promotion or a raise. This is the best time of the year for you. Weighing the weight of the bonus, you can clearly know what you have done for the company in the past year and how the company treats you. The amount of bonus is the evaluation of your professional status in the past year, and it is also a standard of self summary. Therefore, the end of the year not only can get the benefits of bonus, promotion or salary increase, but also can make an objective evaluation of yourself with this quantitative index. This evaluation is very important for the workplace, and can improve and develop themselves in the continuous summary.