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The opportunity of job hopping from the position of taxi

In today's society, there are many jobs and opportunities. Do you often feel that there are many good opportunities waving to you, but you are always uncertain? Today, let's give you some advice

You and your partner take a taxi together. Which seat would you choose?

A. On the co driver's seat next to the driver

B. Rear seat with right door

C. The middle of the back row

D. The position of the rear left door

Choose a person: even if you want to change jobs, you will be detained by your current boss. You are a person who can take care of others and depend on others. You are a dedicated employee and a good helper for leaders. In today's company, you actually play a very important role, such as assisting a competent manager, being expected to be reused, etc. Without you, the calculation of the cashier or the estimation of the funds and other businesses may be confused. In terms of current working conditions, it's very troublesome for you to resign. Therefore, when you reveal that you want to change your job, your boss will certainly keep you. In this way, you can say that it is very difficult to change jobs. If you can continue to stay in the current company, the salary will gradually increase in the future, and get the dependence of colleagues, but these may be boring. With your ability, any company will want to reuse you, but according to the current situation, it is a pity.

Person B: before you want to change your job, other companies will invite you to work in the past. At work, you do things very neatly, even the younger generation will come to ask you about personal or work problems. It can also be said that you are in a position of decision-making. You already have the personality and ability to work in other companies. I can't tell you that someone has secretly investigated you. Therefore, it will be very surprising that some companies want to recruit you. Of course, the salary will be much better than the previous conditions. If these conditions are put in front of you, whether you want to change your job or not is up to you. Capable people are welcome wherever they go. Having nothing to do with the unfavorable conditions of joining in the middle of the way, you must regard it as a kind of honor to be dug into the corner, so that your ability can be highly appreciated.

Choose C person: when your boss changes the company, do you follow him by the way? You are a very serious employee, but you are indecisive at the critical moment, unable to make a decision. In other words, you are a drift type. When you see the people around you change jobs, you will not be able to calm down. You will worry that only you will stay in the original unit, but you will not actively look for a new company. At this time, if the direct supervisor also wants to change his job, and the boss asks' will you go with me? ', you will change your job. You don't have the ability to find a new company, and you can only be the "seconder" of the company. You often follow a competent boss, but always maintain this indecisive personality. Of course, not only at work, but also in your personal aspects, so personality will always pull your hind legs.

The person who chose D: you are very satisfied with your current company and have not considered changing your job. In the work position by the people's love, belongs to the very stable type. Your appearance and personality may have important connections. In short, I don't know why. You will be flattered by all kinds of ways in your work. Happy work, frequent appointment after work and high salary. Under the three favorable conditions of the current company, you are 100% satisfied. Such a comfortable company can not be found everywhere, so you should not want to change jobs. However, the reality is merciless. When the reason for flattery is lost, people's attitude will change 180 degrees. In this way, you are like an emperor who lost his seal. An emperor without a seal is just a common people. In order not to become an ordinary people, you must enhance your own strength.